Project Zomboid – How to Disable Anti-Cheat

How to Disable Anti-Cheat in Project Zomboid

By default, Project Zomboid enables anti-cheat options to ensure the game’s integrity and prevent potential risks. However, these default settings may restrict certain mods that are safe and valuable in multiplayer mode.

Currently, there are over 24 types of anti-cheat protection available in the game. Unfortunately, the specific purpose of each anti-cheat is not disclosed, so it’s important to be cautious about disabling them completely. Disabling unnecessary anti-cheat options can make it easier for hackers to exploit the game.

1. Using Admin Permissions

If you are an admin on your server, you have the authority to disable the anti-cheat feature. This method is easier and safer.

First, ensure that you have admin privileges. If you are the host, you can grant yourself admin rights by using the following command: /setaccesslevel yourSteamName admin

You can also grant admin access to your friends. If you join another server, you’ll need to ask the host to give you admin rights using the command: /grantadmin yourSteamName

Once you have admin rights, there will be a red “Admin” sign next to your character’s name. To disable anti-cheat, access either the Admin or User panel, then click on “See Server Options”. This will display all available anti-cheat options. Change the value from “True” to “False” for each option that you want to disable. Click “Save” to apply the changes.

2. Adjusting the Setting File

Another way to disable anti-cheat is by adjusting the values in the setting file.

Before making any changes, ensure that you close Project Zomboid. The setting file can be found at: C:UsersYourUserNameZomboidServer

Open the “Servername.ini” file with Notepad and scroll down until you find the line that says “Disables anti-cheat protection for type…”. Adjust the value of each type by changing the “true” value on the next line to “false”. Remember to save the changes.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to disable anti-cheat in Project Zomboid. However, it’s important to exercise caution and only disable anti-cheat options that prevent you from joining the server. Disabling all anti-cheat options can compromise the fairness and security of the game.

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