The easiest way to clear Addison sign puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom

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How to Easily Solve Addison’s Sign Puzzles in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll come across Addison, a member of the Hudson Construction company, who wants to place branded signs throughout Hyrule. These sign puzzles involve physics-based challenges where you have to strategically position planks, logs, and other objects to prevent the signs from falling over. While these sidequests can be quite challenging and time-consuming, there’s a simple trick that allows you to bypass most of the tedious work.

The Trick to Beat Addison’s Sign Puzzles

The trick is to use Hover Stones, which are Zonai devices designed for navigation and object transport. To solve Addison’s sign puzzles easily, take out a Hover Stone from your collection of Zonai capsules, activate its hover ability, and place it beneath the sign next to the post. In the majority of cases, the sign will lean against the Hover Stone and remain in place when Addison releases it, allowing you to quickly complete the puzzle and earn rewards.

Please note that different signs have different shapes, so placing a single Hover Stone might not always be sufficient. In such situations, you can overcome this issue by placing two additional Hover Stones on either side of the sign. With three Hover Stones surrounding the sign, the chances of it toppling over significantly decrease.

While I have only played a portion of Tears of the Kingdom, I can confirm that there is at least one sign puzzle involving Hover Stones as part of the intended solution. However, Hover Stones can be useful in many other sign puzzles throughout the game as well.

Tears Of The Kingdom Addison Sign Completed Hover Stone

Screenshot via PC Invasion