Where to get the Cross Necklace

The Cross Necklace: A Must-Have in Terraria’s Hardmode

If you’re exploring Terraria’s challenging Hardmode, you’ll want to equip yourself with valuable weapons and accessories to make your journey easier. One accessory you should definitely hunt down is the Cross Necklace. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about obtaining the Cross Necklace in Terraria.

The Cross Necklace: Boosting Your Invincibility

The Cross Necklace is an accessory that becomes available in Hardmode and proves to be an incredibly valuable asset, especially during the treacherous early stages of this challenging gameplay mode. So, why is it so important? The Cross Necklace actually increases the duration of invincibility after your character gets hit.

When your character flashes after taking damage, that indicates a brief period of invincibility. Normally, this invincibility only lasts for 0.66 seconds, but with the Cross Necklace, it extends to a remarkable 1.33 seconds. This extra second can make a significant difference, particularly when facing enemies that attack rapidly or early Hardmode bosses like Skeletron Prime and The Destroyer.

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Where to Find the Cross Necklace

To obtain the Cross Necklace in Terraria, you’ll need to acquire it from Mimics. These deceptive enemies take the form of chests and surprise unsuspecting adventurers when they are approached. However, be sure to look out for naturally spawned Mimics found in the various Underground layers, all the way down to The Underworld. Avoid using the Chest Statue to create Mimics, as they will only drop Mimic Banners and not the coveted Cross Necklace.

Spotting a Mimic can be made easier if you pay close attention to the appearance of the chest. Mimics often appear slightly out of place, sometimes floating on a single block. If a chest doesn’t appear quite right, try shooting it from a distance to see if it attacks you. Odds are, it’s a Mimic.

Upgrade Your Accessory: The Star Veil

Once you’ve obtained a Cross Necklace, you can take it to the Tinkerer’s Workshop and combine it with another accessory dropped by Mimics called the Star Cloak. This combination will grant you the powerful Star Veil, allowing you to deal damage to opponents when you take damage yourself. With the Star Veil equipped, you’ll be even more formidable.