Zack Snyder explains Rebel Moon, his answer to Star Wars

The upcoming Netflix space opera, Rebel Moon, has been a topic of discussion ever since it was revealed that the film originated as a Star Wars pitch. The idea, which was originally proposed by producer Eric Newman to director Zack Snyder 15 years ago, involved creating a “Seven Jedi” movie set in the Star Wars universe. However, the pitch never came to fruition due to various reasons, including Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012 and their approach to the franchise.

Despite the initial disappointment, Zack and Deborah Snyder (longtime producer and Zack’s wife) are now grateful that the project fell apart. They believe that being tied to an existing intellectual property (IP) like Star Wars would have limited their creative freedom. Instead, they are excited to develop Rebel Moon as an original adventure for Netflix.

Rebel Moon is set to be a two-part movie project that will also expand into a massive video game. During a private trailer viewing event, it became apparent that Snyder is aiming to create “a new universe” that goes beyond anything he has done before. This marks a departure from his previous work with DC Comics, such as Justice League, and his desire to kickstart a post-Star Wars era for big-screen space opera.

The timing of Rebel Moon’s development seems significant, as it aligns with the aftermath of Zack Snyder’s departure from Justice League and the mixed reception to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Both events have led to a desire for more original movies that are not burdened by the weight of existing IPs. Gareth Edwards, director of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is also embarking on a similar endeavor with his upcoming original sci-fi film, The Creator.

Snyder’s journey in the film industry has been filled with challenges, including studio interference and multiple versions of his films. However, he remains committed to creating unique and visionary projects. Rebel Moon showcases his vision for a grand space opera that breaks free from the constraints of established franchises.

The release of Rebel Moon will be a landmark moment for Snyder, as he intends to offer extended R-rated cuts of both parts of the film. This decision was supported by Netflix from the start, reflecting their trust in Snyder’s creative control. The director’s cuts, which will be over 30 minutes longer than the theatrical releases, will allow audiences to experience the story in its most complete form.

While control has been a recurring theme in Zack Snyder’s career, it remains to be seen if he was able to fully execute his original vision for Rebel Moon. Netflix’s request for a shorter run time resulted in the movie being split into two parts instead of compromising its content. Nonetheless, the Snyders are eager to present their audience with a truly immersive and expansive universe that pushes the boundaries of space opera storytelling.