Best Tips For Victims In Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Victims in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (TCSM) game face the daunting task of escaping from the Killer using various exit methods. With different factors and terrifying Family members, survival can be challenging. If you’re looking to improve your gameplay as a Victim in TCSM and learn how to survive and escape, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Create a Plan Before a Match

In your first few games, stealth and timing are crucial, and you may find yourself getting caught by the Family members. So, it’s important to have a proper plan in place before entering a match. Familiarize yourself with your own abilities and the abilities of the Family. If you’re playing with friends, strategize your escape route beforehand. Remember, you don’t have to work together with others to survive and win the game; you can earn XP even if you die. Plan which exit method you’ll use – the Pressure Valve, the Car Battery, the Generator, or the Fuse – and focus on that task. If you’re playing with friends and using voice chat, assign specific characters to each player and decide on the exit they wish to use. You can also check out our upcoming TCSM Victims and Family tier lists to choose the best characters.

Get Started Immediately

One of the most important tips for victims is to start escaping as soon as possible. When the prompt to wiggle out of being tied up appears on the screen, spam that button to quickly free yourself. The Family members won’t hear the noise until their cutscene animation is over. Time is of the essence, so don’t waste any time after getting untied.

Study the Character Beforehand

Each Victim in TCSM has different attributes like Toughness, Endurance, Strength, Proficiency, and Stealth. Before a match, choose a character that suits your preferred playstyle and study their abilities through YouTube and streams. Determine the best build for that character based on their stats. This information will help you make better in-game decisions and utilize your character’s skills effectively.

Run Instead of Walking Whenever Needed

Running or sprinting doesn’t make noise. So, if you’re not being chased, keep running to accomplish your objectives quickly. Every second matters when it comes to escaping.

Respec Points for New Characters

If you’re trying out a new character, use the points you earned from a previous character to boost certain aspects of the new one. This way, you can improve their weaknesses and enhance their strengths. Take a photo of the previous character’s skill tree for future reference.

Hide and Complete Objectives Side by Side

Hiding is essential when the Family members are nearby. Learn the map inside out to find the best hiding spots. But remember that hiding alone isn’t enough; you also need to progress towards the exit. Unlock doors, find items that aid your escape, and stay on track while hiding. Take mental notes of hiding spots for the current and future matches. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Be Ready when Grandpa Wakes Up

If Victims make a lot of noise or escape the basement, Grandpa will wake up. The Family members feed him blood to make him more powerful. If the Family members focus on leveling up Grandpa’s victim detection ability, you can attack him. Look for Bone Scraps on the map, retrieve them, and use them to attack Grandpa. However, be prepared for the other Family members to be alerted.

Keep an Eye Out for Traps and Sound Alerts

The map is filled with items that make noise when stepped on or approached. “Decorations” made of bones in doorways and chickens in cages can reveal your position to the killers. Stay vigilant and avoid these traps.

Unlock Doors but Keep them Shut

If you have voice chat enabled, communicate with your team when lockpicking doors. It’s recommended to keep the doors closed and open them all at once, which will likely alert Grandpa. Spread out across the map after leaving the basement to make it harder for the killers to locate you.

Ensure You Have Tools

You’ll need tools (two slots available) to escape, so don’t forget to pick them up while exploring the map. Coordinate with your team to complete the exit objectives while having the necessary tools.