How To Fight Back In Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Victim Tips)

How to Fight Back in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Being a Victim, you might want to fight back in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game once you have had enough losses. Although the Victims or Survivors can win by surviving or hiding, many players are looking for a payback against the Slaughter family. Luckily, the game allows the survivors or victims to hunt the horrific hunters. While there is no way to kill any family members, you can outsmart them with your stealth attacks and strategies. So, check out our guide to find out how to fight back by playing as a Victim in TCSM.

Using Bone Scraps as a Weapon

As a form of self-defense, use the Bone Scraps as a weapon for stunning the family members. But ensure to not make any sounds while retrieving them. Once you equip the Bone Scraps, you can use them to stab the family members to fight back being a victim. To do so, sneak and attack them from behind. After stabbing any of them with the Bone scraps, hide or escape to survive. If you want to speed up this process, you can equip the Well Trained perk. This perk highlights the locations of all the Bone Scraps and tools once you jump into the well.

Choosing Leland

texas chainsaw massacre fight back

As Leland is the strongest and strength-based character, choosing Leland as a victim is the best way to fight back. If your other teammates have chosen this character, you can ask them to swap the character. Rather than other victims or survivors, Leland is the only character who can fight back in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You can use his Life Saver ability that stuns any Family member including Leather Face temporarily. In addition, Leland can also tackle other members and escape them with a close encounter. But since this character lacks stealth points, we recommend escaping from the Exit Points instantly.

Equip Fight Back & Choose Fight Perks

Another way to fight back as a victim is by choosing the Choose Fight perk. As you choose this perk, it stuns the family members by an additional two seconds at level 1. You can upgrade this perk for an additional five seconds at level 3. While stunning them, you can equip the Fight Back perk to deplete their stamina in TCSM. This perk slows down their regeneration by 30% as they suffer a stamina penalty for 15 seconds. If you upgrade this perk to level 3, it will result in slowing down their regeneration by 50% for 30 seconds.

Lastly, as you fight back against the family, we recommend stunning them fast while escaping even faster. Check out our best tips for victims in TCSM to increase your chances of survivability.

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