I may not have my license, but that didn’t stop me from loving Pacific Drive

Gaming News from Gamescom 2023: Pacific Drive Takes Players on a Thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

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Have you ever been lost in post-apocalyptic woods while being chased by explosive mannequins and hovering robots that can electrocute you? If not, then get ready for Pacific Drive to change that.

This action-adventure game is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland known as the ‘Olympic Exclusion Zone’. Armed with a trusty station wagon and a handful of scavenged materials, players will navigate the weird, wonderful, and deadly mysteries of this world.

TechRadar Gaming had the opportunity to sit down and play through a small demo of Pacific Drive with Seth Rosen, the design lead for the game. In this demo, a glimpse of the various elements of this driving sandbox game was showcased. From exploding ‘tourists’ to spooky abandoned cabins and electrifying enemies, the demo offered a taste of the intense gameplay to come.

Pimp My Ride

(Image credit: Kepler Interactive)

Despite not being able to drive in real life, which will become evident throughout this article, Pacific Drive managed to create a realistic and tense experience. As the station wagon maneuvered along darkened, misty roads, the game immersed players in its atmosphere. Fortunately, the upgrades and expansions for the car are simple enough for non-mechanics to understand.

In daring moments, players have the option to venture outside the protective shield of the vehicle and search for valuable materials in abandoned gas stations and decrepit cabins. Each location offers limited resources, making every item crucial. Collecting rubber, nails, gas, and stylish clothes allows for car upgrades and repairs, all while providing a cool appearance.

The range of repairs and upgrades available for the station wagon is extensive and personal, but every choice comes with consequences. Adding sturdy tires and reinforced windows for off-roading may slow down the vehicle on roads. However, players can easily modify their car each time they return to the garage, offsetting or resetting previous decisions. The customization options allow players to prioritize speed, defense, or more aggressive builds, enabling them to navigate the Exclusion Zone according to their preferences.

Beyond car repairs, Pacific