Pete Hines discusses how big Starfield is in new Gamescom interview

Starfield is generating a lot of excitement as one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, set to launch in late August and early September. At the recent Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany, Bethesda took the opportunity to showcase new gameplay footage and address some lingering questions about the game. One question that keeps coming up is just how massive the game is.

During an interview with Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Head of Publishing, IGN had the chance to delve into his personal experience with Starfield and discuss the excitement surrounding its launch.

The Immense Scale of Starfield

Hines revealed, “I’m currently at 150, 160 hours in my playthrough, and I haven’t even come close. There’s so much stuff I have deliberately left undone.” His extensive gameplay hours indicate the vastness of the game and the plethora of content it offers.

The level of anticipation surrounding Starfield has prompted Bethesda to engage with gaming press and influencers who have been granted early access. According to Hines, the feedback from these individuals has been incredibly positive. “The people who are playing it… One of the few things they tell us is, ‘Yeah, you weren’t kidding how big – I can’t believe how big it is,'” he stated.

Bethesda typically provides major releases like Starfield to influencers and press as close to the release date as possible to minimize the risk of leaks. However, given the magnitude of Starfield, Bethesda opted to offer access earlier. This decision demonstrates the company’s confidence in the game’s size and scope. Players can expect Starfield to be described as nothing short of massive.