Genshin Impact Mega Meka Melee event guide

Genshin Impact is back with an exciting new event set in the beautiful region of Fontaine. The Mega Meka Melee event offers players a chance to participate in various minigames and earn Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings, which can be used to purchase exclusive items from the event shop. If you’re at Adventure Rank 20 and have unlocked Fontaine, then get ready to dive into this thrilling event. Read on for a detailed guide on the Mega Meka Melee event in Genshin Impact.

Getting Started: Mega Meka Melee Event Guide

To kick off the event, head over to Leschots Clockwork Workshop and speak to the NPC Arbon. He will introduce you to the event and guide you through a short questline. The main objective of this event is to interact with various NPCs in Fontaine. Simply follow the quest markers to discover each NPC and unlock the event hub. There are three exciting minigames to enjoy during the event: Dance Dance Resolution, Torrential Turbulent Charge, and Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena. Additionally, keep an eye out for new quests that will unlock throughout the event and offer even more rewards.

Rewards Galore: Mega Meka Melee Genshin Impact Event

By participating in the Mega Meka Melee event, you can earn a wide range of rewards, including a free character called Bennett. Here’s a list of the rewards you can obtain by taking part in this event:

Crown of Insight500 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
50 Primogems (x2)40 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Guide to Equity (x6)20 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Philosophies of Equity (x2)60 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Guide to Justice (x6)20 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Philosophies of Justice (x2)60 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Guide to Order (x6)20 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Philosophies of Order (x2)60 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Sanctifying Essence (x6)20 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Agnidus Agate Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Nagadus Emerald Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Vajrada Amethyst Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment (x6)30Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Shivada Jade Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Prithiva Topaz Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
Varunada Lazurite Fragment (x6)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings
10,000 Mora (x60)30 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings

You can also acquire a free Bennett by collecting 2,400 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings.

Dance Dance Resolution

To begin the Dance Dance Resolution minigame, find and speak to the NPC named Armand. This game has a similar playstyle to Rhythm Heaven, where you control a toy robot and have to smash stuffed Pyro slimes as they descend on a conveyor belt. It’s crucial to press the corresponding key in time with the music to smash the slimes. The speed of the slimes is synchronized with the beat of the song, so make sure to turn up the volume and get into the rhythm. As you progress through the event, three new tracks will become available for you to enjoy.

Torrential Turbulent Charge

The Torrential Turbulent Charge event requires you to first complete the World Quest called “Aqueous Tidemarks.” Once completed, you will be taken underwater to a thrilling obstacle course. Dive and swim past obstacles within the specified time limit to complete each course. Use Turbulent Rings to boost your speed as you navigate the challenges underwater.

Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena

To participate in this combat event, return to the NPC Alberre. Your objective is to travel across Fontaine and defeat opponents in various locations. Each location presents unique enemies exclusive to Fontaine. Vanquish all the enemies at each location to claim your rewards. Keep in mind that the locations will change daily, offering new challenges for you to overcome.

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