The fake ‘barrelmancer’ class gives Baldur’s Gate 3 an explosive power

Baldur’s Gate 3 Captivates Players with Creative Strategies

The expansive world of Baldur’s Gate 3 has impressed fans with its limitless possibilities and support for player creativity. From using unconventional melee weapons like rotten food and shoes to filling pockets with anything the character can carry, players have been finding ingenious ways to strategize in the game. One standout approach gaining popularity is the “barrelmancer” class, where players collect flammable barrels and set off explosive chain reactions.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Barrelmancer Goes Viral

Recently, a barrelmancer strategy video went viral on Reddit and Twitter. Content creator Okoii showcases his inventory filled with nearly 40 incendiary barrels as his Halfling character carefully arranges them like dominoes in the Goblin Camp. By throwing an Alchemist’s Fire grenade, Okoii ignites the barrels, resulting in a magnificent chain of explosions that obliterate the camp. It is revealed that approximately 70 barrels were used for this spectacular display, taking around eight hours to set up and record from different angles.

When asked about the process, Okoii explained, “I used about 70 barrels but i didn’t count the exact amount, there were limited explosive barrels so i clustered them around the important targets and used mostly Oil and wine barrels for the rest with the occasional throwable items placed in between spots where i was running out.”

The video dedicates a full minute to capturing the breathtaking sequence of explosions that decimate the Goblin Camp, leaving no enemy standing. Every dramatic death, regardless of the saving throws made by the enemies, is captured on film. For Okoii, the most satisfying moment was throwing the first firepot to ignite the barrels outside the camp.

Barrelmancy Fever Spreads Amongst the Community

Okoii also shared a longer YouTube video that showcases a crew of Halfling barbarians wreaking havoc throughout The Sword Coast. While the viral footage shared on Reddit and Twitter only includes the final minute of this full video, fans of Divinity: Original Sin 2 have also embraced the barrelmancy strategy. The sheer scale of using 70 barrels and investing eight hours into executing the plan continues to astound players.

Barbarian Strength Prevails

Okoii reveals, “4 Halfling Barbarians are no joke, barbarians in general especially early game are extremely strong so we had absolutely no trouble with any fights even without barrels.”

The Phenomenon of Barrelmancy

The popularity of the barrelmancy strategy in Baldur’s Gate 3 is reminiscent of its impact on Divinity: Original Sin 2 enthusiasts. However, the scale of using 70 barrels and dedicating eight hours to meticulously orchestrate the explosive chain reactions is truly remarkable and continues to leave players in awe.