Phasmophobia’s console release delayed to October due to “fire incident”

Phasmophobia Console Release Delayed to October

Owners of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the popular ghost hunting game Phasmophobia will have to wait a bit longer. Developer Kinetic Games has announced that the console release, previously scheduled for August, has been pushed back to October due to a recent fire incident and unforeseen development issues.

Phasmophobia initially gained attention when it was released in early access on PC in September 2020. It quickly gained a dedicated following as streamers helped boost its popularity during the Halloween season. The game features spooky investigatory ghost hunting action, where players must gather evidence and complete objectives in various haunted locations.

Since its release, Kinetic Games has been working on expanding and improving the cooperative ghost hunting experience. They have added new maps, equipment, ghost types, and enhanced the haunting AI. Recently, they also introduced custom difficulty settings. With the PC version progressing well, the studio confirmed earlier this year that Phasmophobia would be coming to PlayStation 5 (including PSVR2) and Xbox Series X/S in August.

Phasmophobia console announcement trailer.

In a recent update shared on social media, Kinetic Games explained the reason for the delay. They cited a fire incident in their office building and unexpected development issues that have significantly impacted their ability to test and develop the console release. After careful consideration, the decision was made to delay the console launch. The new release window is the week leading up to Halloween in October. Kinetic Games stated that this additional time will allow them to perfect and fine-tune everything for the console version.

The developer expressed their gratitude for the patience and understanding of their fans, and they are excited to bring Phasmophobia to consoles. Stay tuned for further updates on the console release of this thrilling ghost hunting game.