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Tiny Comet: Revolutionizing Education Through Gaming

After months of stealth mode, Tiny Comet, a new game studio, has emerged with an ambitious goal – to create history-based simulation RPG games for school-aged players. The founders, Emily Tierney and Anca Agapi, firmly believe in the power of gaming to promote positive change and educate young minds in an informative and playful way.

The Birth of Tiny Comet

We sat down with Emily Tierney and Anca Agapi to learn more about Tiny Comet and how it all started. As two moms who wanted to make educational games for their children, they were inspired by Emily’s daughter’s struggles with verbal memory due to being on the autism spectrum. They realized that there must be a more engaging and intuitive way for children to embrace learning.

With this vision in mind, they applied to the Speedrun accelerator program created by a16z Games. Within six weeks, they were incorporated, funded, and assembled a team of talented developers. Now, they are ready to launch the alpha version of their first game on Roblox.

Creating Engaging and Educational Games

Tiny Comet is dedicated to crafting games that are both entertaining and educational for children. Their primary focus is on developing history-based games, recognizing the importance of teaching vital lessons through the lens of history. They aim to bring history to life and make learning an enjoyable adventure.

Gaming as a Tool for Education

Tiny Comet firmly believes in the role gaming can play in educating young minds. They believe that play is the brain’s favorite way of learning. By gamifying education, they can enhance engagement, excitement, and overall effectiveness in the learning process.

A Gallup study from 2018 revealed that a significant percentage of students in the United States are disengaged or uninterested in school. This disengagement has only worsened due to the pandemic. However, gamification has proven to increase learner engagement, motivation, and memory recall.

Tiny Comet also recognizes that children spend a considerable amount of time on screens. Rather than seeing this as mere leisure, they view it as a transformative opportunity. They are committed to leveraging this screen time to provide purposeful and enjoyable experiences through their games.

The Tiny Comet Team

Currently, the Tiny Comet team consists of five talented individuals. Emily Tierney, a Tech Lead at Supercell, brings her expertise from working on iconic titles like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. Anca Agapi has experience in building educational programs and spearheading marketing campaigns for globally recognized brands.

The team is further strengthened by Aymen Rahmani and Mohamed Omar, game developers with over 10 years of experience in Roblox, and Haley Baldwin, a history teacher and education specialist for English learners. Together, they bridge the gap between education and immersive gameplay.

An Exciting Future Ahead

Tiny Comet is eagerly preparing for the closed alpha launch of their first game, which revolves around the history of Jamestown, Virginia. Players will embark on a journey to uncover the challenges and triumphs of the colony’s pioneering settlers. Through interactive gameplay, Tiny Comet aims to offer an immersive experience that makes history tangible and engaging.

Looking ahead, Tiny Comet is excited to make an impact on children’s lives. They aspire to release a series of history-focused games that will become beloved hits while raising U.S. history test scores. Their ultimate goal is to instill a love for learning while delivering enjoyable experiences through the power of gaming.