Todd Howard wishes he’d been a bit more casual with his Elder Scrolls 6 announcement

Bethesda’s Todd Howard Regrets Early Announcement of The Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda’s Todd Howard is currently taking part in the great big Starfield marketing push of 2023. But, it isn’t just the studio’s upcoming space game that we have all been waiting for. Another of Howard and Bethesda’s flagship series is Elder Scrolls, and ever since it was announced that The Elder Scrolls 6 was indeed in the pipeline, many have been eager to hear more about what’s next.

The thing is, this next chapter was announced years ago. A little over five years ago, in fact. And since then, we have heard very little about it at all. Back in 2021 Bethesda said it was in a design phase, but from the outside looking in, it is still largely just a name on gaming’s often vast horizon.

Now admittedly, at the time of its reveal, Bethesda was keen to make sure everyone knew Elder Scrolls 6 was still a way out, and said it was in pre-production. But, even so, that was back in 2018. So, does the studio regret announcing this next chapter so soon before its actual release date, which still remains an unknown (although we do know it will be before Fallout 5)?

Todd Howard’s Regret

As it turns out, yes, kind of. Speaking with GQ, Howard suggested he almost wishes he hadn’t announced The Elder Scrolls 6 in the way that he did. “I probably would’ve announced it more casually” today, Howard told the publication, admitting he has “asked [himself] a lot” if he regrets revealing the game when he did.

As a quick reminder, this announcement came straight after Bethesda first lifted the lid on Starfield, and if you listen back to the audience reaction to Elder Scroll 6’s tease, it far outstripped that of the studio’s new IP reveal (one member of the audience could even be heard loudly professing their love for Howard soon after the clip played, even though all it really showed was one of the game’s mountainous regions).

The Codename and Vision

Continuing on the topic of The Elder Scrolls 6, Howard confirmed it does have a codename at Bethesda, but he stopped short of telling what it is. He did say, however, that when The Elder Scrolls 6 does ultimately make its way out into the world, Bethesda wants it to be “ultimate fantasy-world simulator”.

“And there are different ways to accomplish that given the time that has passed,” Howard mused.

Indiana Jones Game

Elsewhere in the conversation, Howard also touched on the upcoming Indiana Jones game from Bethesda studio MachineGames. Howard reiterated this game is a “bucket-list thing” for him, and revealed the studio is doing great work on it so far.

“They’ve got the whole Nazi killing thing down,” he shared.

Again, we don’t have release specifics for the whip-cracking professor’s next video game outing, but we do know when it arrives it will be an Xbox and PC exclusive.