Finnish Focus: Supercell’s pursuit of perfection | Pocket

Finnish gaming giant Supercell has ended development on Floodrush, their latest game, after an unsuccessful beta test. This decision highlights Supercell’s willingness to take risks and admit when a project isn’t meeting their standards. Despite the disappointment, Supercell remains committed to creating “Great Games that are Played for Years and Remembered Forever.”

Unfortunate End

Floodrush, a combination of MOBA and real-time strategy elements, underwent closed beta testing from May 29 to June 7. However, Supercell was not satisfied with the game’s performance and made the difficult choice to discontinue its development. This is not the first time Supercell has shut down a game that didn’t meet expectations. Everdale, a co-op builder, was acquired by Metacore, and other titles like Clash Quest and Boom Beach: Frontlines have also met the same fate.

Creative Vision

Supercell acknowledged their efforts to create a game that pushed the boundaries and offered a fresh experience but ultimately fell short. They carefully analyzed feedback during the beta testing stage and identified various issues with gameplay mechanics, controls, character dynamics, and artistic aspects. These shortcomings led Supercell to realize that extensive changes would be necessary, transforming the game too far from its original vision.

Learning Opportunity

Although ending a project may be seen as a setback, Supercell sees it as an opportunity to learn and grow. The ideas and insights gathered during the development of Floodrush can be applied to other projects, ensuring that the experience gained is not wasted. This adaptability and willingness to make the most out of adversity sets Supercell apart.

Ruthless Business

Supercell operates in a highly competitive market, particularly in Finland, the birthplace of the mobile gaming industry. The company’s ruthlessness in closing or selling titles that do not meet expectations reflects their strong commitment to success. Floodrush’s discontinuation aligns with Supercell’s overall strategy and further cements their position as a top player in the mobile gaming industry.

A Unique Approach

What distinguishes Supercell is their level of promotion for each title they release. Floodrush received significant fanfare, demonstrating the company’s confidence in its success. However, when the game didn’t meet expectations, Supercell didn’t hesitate to discontinue it. This bold approach, combined with their ability to learn from failures, positions Supercell as a leader in the industry.

Learn from Supercell

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