How To Save Game & Use Checkpoints

How to Save Game in Armored Core 6

Playing Armored Core 6 and concerned about saving your progress and understanding loadouts? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Losing progress in a FromSoftware game is the last thing any player wants. While these games are incredibly enjoyable, starting over from scratch due to improper saving is enough to drive anyone crazy. Additionally, if you’ve been exploring the Garage, you may have encountered loadout presets. This article will explain how the game’s save system and checkpoints work in Armored Core 6, as well as how to utilize loadouts.

How to Save Game in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 incorporates an auto-save feature throughout missions and chapters, alleviating concerns about progress loss. However, if you prefer to manually save, you can do so by selecting the “Return to the title screen” or “Quit game” options. The game will then prompt you to confirm whether you want to save your progress. Choose “Yes” to save the game.

If you’ve played other titles from the developer, such as Elden Ring, Sekiro, or Dark Souls, you may be accustomed to saving anywhere (as long as you’re not under attack). Armored Core 6 handles progress differently.

The game auto-saves and creates checkpoints based on your mission progress. Unlike Souls games, Armored Core 6 is forgiving. When you restart from a checkpoint, you’ll have full health and your ammo, expansions, and repair kits will be fully restored. This means you don’t have to worry about restarting with low HP or lacking the necessary ammunition for your weapons.

How to Use Checkpoints

When you die, you can use checkpoints. The game offers the following options:

  • Restart from Checkpoint: Continue the mission from your current checkpoint with full HP and ammo.
  • Restart Mission: Begin the mission from the start.
  • Assembly: Modify the parts of your AC unit before restarting from a checkpoint or mission.

Aside from these options, you don’t have much control over checkpoint creation.

How to Save Loadouts in Armored Core 6

how to Save your Loadouts in Armored Core 6

While playing Armored Core 6, you can save multiple loadouts for your mechas. These loadouts allow you to quickly equip them instead of manually selecting weapons and other parts each time. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to Garage and select AC Design.
  2. Choose AC Data.
  3. Four User tabs with 40 save slots each will appear. This provides a total of 160 slots for your loadout presets.
  4. Additionally, a preset tab allows you to load mechas you fought in the Arena.
  5. Select the User Profile where you want to save your loadout.
  6. Click on the “+” button to save a new loadout.
  7. Enter a name for your loadout and click Confirm.
  8. Alternatively, you can also overwrite an existing loadout by saving over it.

Clicking on a loadout provides the following options:

  • Save
  • Load
  • Delete
  • Change Data Name
  • Change AC Name
  • Change Save Location
  • Upload

That covers everything you need to know about saving the game, utilizing checkpoints, and understanding loadouts in Armored Core 6. Be sure to check out our guides on finding all secret parts for your AC unit in this game. You can also visit our Armored Core 6 section for assistance with other topics, such as inputting share ID codes, changing pilot names, and more.