Is Starfield on Steam Deck? Answered

Will Starfield Be Available on the Steam Deck?

With the release of Bethesda’s new sci-fi game, Starfield, players are wondering if they will be able to enjoy it on the Steam Deck. While Skyrim, the studio’s previous title, is playable on the handheld device, there is no official confirmation regarding Starfield’s compatibility with the Steam Deck.

As of now, there have been no announcements or indications that Starfield will be available on the Steam Deck upon its release. While there have been speculations and possibilities for the future, it is highly unlikely that the game will be immediately accessible on the handheld device.

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However, there is still some hope. Although the game’s current form may not be fully optimized for the Steam Deck, it might still be playable to some extent. Considering the game’s size and system requirements, it is unlikely to run smoothly on the handheld device. This could be the reason why there is no official Steam Deck release or any concrete plans for one in the future. Starfield may simply be too demanding for the processing power of the Steam Deck.

The potential release of Starfield on the Nintendo Switch might provide some insight. If the game can run on the Switch, there may be a chance for a future release on the Steam Deck.