The Red Dead Redemption PS4 Port is Unnecessarily Complicated

Red Dead Redemption Finally Gets Ported to PS4, but Falls Short of Expectations

Red Dead Redemption, one of the most beloved games of the PS3 era, has finally been released for the PS4. However, while it is a faithful port of the original, it lacks the upgrades and features that players were hoping for. Despite running smoothly and looking slightly better, it fails to deliver a true next-gen experience.

A Premium Upscaling with Limited Features

The lack of significant improvements is apparent in the texture quality, which is essentially the same as the PS3 version and does not hold up under scrutiny. The frame rate, capped at 30 frames per second, is also disappointing for a game released on the PS5. Rockstar’s refusal to comment on the possibility of a higher frame rate update is concerning.

Additionally, the gameplay and systems remain unchanged, with no additional features or accessibility settings. The lack of streamlining in mechanics such as navigating the map and looking up challenges makes the overall experience tedious. The absence of a Photo Mode is a missed opportunity.

A Classic Game, Hindered by a Negligible Upgrade

Despite its shortcomings, this port of Red Dead Redemption still holds value because of the timeless aspects of the game. Its atmospheric world, beautifully complemented by its ambient soundtrack, sets it apart from many modern open-world games. The well-realized characters and elegant writing, along with the remarkable construction of cutscenes, add depth to the narrative.

The ending of the game is particularly impactful and stands out in the open-world genre. However, seeing the same locations remastered in Red Dead Redemption 2 highlights the missed potential of this PS4 re-release. The game’s thick atmosphere could have been enhanced with a more modern presentation, but Rockstar settled for a bare-bones port.

While Red Dead Redemption deserves more than “good enough,” it remains a classic that should be made accessible to a wider audience.