Destiny 2 – Which Class Is the Best for PvP?

What Is the Best PvP Class in Destiny 2?

In the past, determining the best PvP Class in Destiny 2 was a challenge with no clear winner. However, in the current PvP sandbox, there is a standout class that reigns supreme. In this article, we will explore the best PvP Class as well as other viable options.

Arc Titan

A Quick Overview of Arc Titan

When it comes to the best PvP Class in Destiny 2, the Arc Titan with Thundercrash takes the crown. While Hunters with Strand and Warlocks with Dawnblade and Shadebinder come close, the Arc Titan’s advantages make it the top choice for PvP.

Arc Titan Abilities

Here are the abilities that are essential for a successful Arc Titan build:

  1. Towering Barricade: This versatile ability allows you to claim space for your team, protect yourself while reviving teammates, and pick up Heavy ammo without interference from enemies.
  2. Catapult Lift: This jump ability allows for swift map traversal and easy flanking or eliminating opponents in disadvantageous positions.
  3. Shoulder Charge: While it no longer instantly kills players, Shoulder Charge is still effective in cleaning up shotgun fights and providing increased mobility.
  4. Lightning Grenade: While there are other options available, Lightning Grenades are unmatched in their ability to control difficult angles, deny revives, and exert pressure on enemies.
  5. Thundercrash: Considered the best Super ability in the game, Thundercrash outperforms other roaming Supers, counter Supers, and can even defeat both Bubble and Well. Its speed allows for chasing down and eliminating fleeing enemies.

Arc Titan Aspects

For an optimal build, prioritize these Aspects for your Arc Titan:

  1. Knockout: This Aspect increases your melee range and damage after breaking an enemy’s shield, giving you an advantage in close-quarters combat. It also triggers health regeneration and amplifies your abilities upon securing melee kills.
  2. Touch of Thunder: Enhancing your chosen grenade (preferably Lightning Grenade), this Aspect grants an additional grenade and causes enemies to be Jolted upon its initial blast, limiting their ability to engage in coordinated tactics and enabling you to excel in 1v1 situations.

Arc Titan Fragments

While the last two Fragments primarily enhance your stats, two essential options for this build are:

  1. Spark of Feedback: After sustaining melee damage, your melee damage is increased, making it nearly impossible to win a fistfight against a titan. Additionally, your Shoulder Charge will instantly defeat a full-health player, and you receive a +10 Resilience bonus.
  2. Spark of Recharge: When critically wounded, your melee and grenade energy recharge rapidly, providing a much-needed boost to ability regeneration during intense engagements.

Arc Titan Exotic

There are several excellent Exotic armor choices for Titans:

  • Antaeus Wards: This Exotic enhances your slide ability, deflecting all incoming projectiles and granting you a significant advantage in shotgun duels, Hand Cannon fights, and engagements with enemy snipers.
  • One-Eyed Mask: While somewhat less dominant than before, this Exotic still offers the opportunity to outplay entire teams, providing overshields for each kill and access to wall hacks.
  • Citan’s Ramparts: This Exotic creates a one-way shield that you and your teammates can shoot through, though it is slightly overshadowed by other options.
  • Dunemarchers: Offering enhanced slide and movement speed, Dunemarchers are always a solid choice.

Alternative Titan Subclass

If you crave diversity in your gameplay, consider trying the Void Titan with Ward of Dawn subclass. Casting your Super on the capture point can secure rounds for your team, and the abundance of overshields makes this subclass formidable, even when outnumbered.

Strand Hunter

Overview of the Strand Hunter

The Strand Hunter is an excellent choice for Hunter mains seeking mobility and utility in their PvP gameplay. With Strand, you can create favorable engagements for yourself and your team by diving into enemies and Suspending them.

Strand Hunter Abilities

Here are the abilities recommended for the Strand Hunter:

  • Markman’s Dodge: This dodge ability, with its lower cooldown than Gambler’s Dodge, provides more opportunities to use Ensnaring Slam effectively.
  • Strafe Jump: Any jump ability will suffice, but Strafe Jump is particularly useful for swift map navigation.
  • Threaded Strike: This melee option is ideal for finishing off low-health enemies. Defeating enemies also spawns a Tangle, providing additional utility.
  • Grapple: As the primary movement ability, Grapple offers versatility for both offense and defense. Utilize it to set up Ensnaring Slam and secure easy kills.


While the Arc Titan with Thundercrash currently reigns as the best PvP Class in Destiny 2, there are viable options available for Hunters and Warlocks as well. Consider experimenting with different builds and class combinations to find the playstyle that suits you best. Good luck in The Crucible!