Should I use the Amulet of Storytelling and Sequent Flare in Sea of Stars?

Sea of Stars: A Challenging Turn-Based RPG with Accessibility Features

Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG that pays homage to classic games of the past. One aspect it embraces is its level of difficulty, as Sea of Stars can be quite challenging. However, in order to assist players who may be struggling, Sabotage Studios has implemented several accessibility features. If you’re curious about these features and how they can help you, keep reading as I answer the question: Should I use the Amulet of Storytelling and Sequent Flare in Sea of Stars?

Struggling in the Trials of the Mist?

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Should I use the Amulet of Storytelling and Sequent Flare in Sea of Stars?

Before we delve into the specifics, it’s important to note that Sea of Stars is a single-player experience. Regardless of how you choose to play or what assists you utilize, it does not affect anyone else, and it’s not their concern. All assist features can be toggled on and off as you please. Additionally, more assists become available as you progress through the game. You have the freedom to customize your experience. By default, the battles in Sea of Stars are challenging, and leveling up takes time. However, it is possible to overcome obstacles with minimal grinding.

Understanding the Effects of Standard Relics

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In Sea of Stars, all players have access to the Amulet of Storytelling and Sequent Flare right from the beginning. However, both items are initially turned off and can be found in the “Relics” menu. Here’s what they do:

Amulet of Storytelling

This relic reduces the intensity of tough battles, allowing players to focus more on the game’s narrative. It provides an additional 100 HP (a significant boost in Sea of Stars). Moreover, after combat, health bars are replenished up to 75%, minimizing the reliance on food and ingredient foraging.

Sequent Flare

Timing plays a crucial role in combat in Sea of Stars. By pressing buttons at the right time, players can execute double hits and reduce incoming damage. Sequent Flare does not change this mechanic but provides visual and audio cues in the form of a rainbow star and sound when the timing is executed perfectly. It serves as a helpful assist, particularly when using abilities such as Valere’s Moonerang, which depend on precise timing to land multiple hits.

Obtaining Other Relics

In the early stages of the game, players can purchase additional relics from a Port town. These include the Guardian Aura, which reduces incoming damage, and the Truestrike Pendant, which decreases enemy defense during casting. Like the standard relics, these assists are initially turned off.

Interestingly, the Gold Tooth relic, which reduces shop item prices, is enabled by default. This may be due to its expensive nature, but players still have the option to disable it after purchase, offering a welcome level of customization.