How to fix the oil leak in Under The Waves

Under The Waves is a game that doesn’t waste any time before challenges begin to emerge in the ocean. As you enter day two of the game, you are given missions to complete, one of which involves fixing an oil leak. To successfully complete this task, you’ll need to utilize both yourself and your trusty submarine. Here’s a guide on how to fix the oil leak in Under The Waves.

‘A Small Leak’ Mission Guide: Fixing the Oil Leak

After checking in with Tim on day 2, you’ll find the job board next to the microphone on the right computer screen. Press the TAB key when prompted to open the missions menu, then hover over ‘A Small Leak’ and press space to track the mission.

UTW Leak Mission

The oil leak is located approximately 321 meters away from your base. It is recommended to use your submarine, Moon, to avoid running out of oxygen during the swim. The leak will be indicated by red arrows on your HUD and a red exclamation mark bubble on the minimap. Fortunately, it’s a short trip in Moon to find the source of the leak.

Oil Leak Found

While the game instructs you to follow the pipe, ignore the red objective and follow the pipe away from the leak.

Oil Leak Cave

This will lead you to a cave on the side of the sea cliff. Use the F key to dismount Moon and swim inside the cave on your own. Press the E key repeatedly on the door to break it open.

Oil Leak Door

There are some coal and plastic items to collect near the entrance and inside the cave. Swim inside and then land next to the wheel located in the center of the cave.

UTW sealing oil

You’ll be prompted to press E to grab the wheel. However, the game doesn’t explicitly state that you also need to press the S key three times to seal the leak.

Once you’ve completed the mission, the story will progress. Now that you know how to fix the first oil leak in Under The Waves, you can prevent any future oil spills on your watch… right?