HoYoverse releases statement on devastating Genshin Impact Kaveh hack

Genshin Impact Hack Allows Kaveh to Delete In-Game Objects and Bosses

Genshin Impact gamers were shocked to discover a gamebreaking hack involving the character Kaveh. This hack allowed players to delete various in-game objects and even powerful bosses from the game. While it was an amusing spectacle, the developers at HoYoverse swiftly addressed the issue and resolved it.

Exploit Details

Although the specifics of the exploit remain unclear, it appears that Kaveh had the ability to read in-game objects as “Bloom” cores. By utilizing plugins, players were able to trick Kaveh into detonating these objects and permanently removing them from the game. This included items like Seelies, Elemental Monuments, and even formidable bosses like Azhdaha. The exploit became widespread in co-op mode, causing major disruptions for other players.

HoYoverse Response

Initially, there were doubts about the legitimacy of this hack. However, HoYoverse confirmed the issue on August 28 and promptly took action. In an official statement, HoYoverse acknowledged that some players were “using plugins to tamper with game data and intentionally disrupt the gaming experience of other Travelers [in Co-Op mode].” They assured players that the plugins responsible for the hack were patched on August 25, and most affected players had their in-game items restored on August 26.

Bringing an End to Chaos

Witnessing Kaveh, a beloved and goofy character, suddenly become a destructive force in the game was undeniably entertaining. However, as with all things chaotic and evil, it had to come to an end. HoYoverse urges any players still waiting for their in-game items to be restored to reach out to customer support for assistance. You can find the full statement here.