How to play Paladin in Crystalline Conflict

PvP Guide: Mastering Paladin in FFXIV’s Crystalline Conflict

Paladin may not have the flashiest abilities in FFXIV PvP, but it excels in its simplicity and unique defensive capabilities. In Crystalline Conflict, Paladin shines as the valiant protector, ensuring that your teammates survive and thrive. If you’re ready to be the unkillable wall and safeguard your allies, it’s time to wield your sword and shield. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to play Paladin in Crystalline Conflict.

FFXIV Paladin Crystalline Conflict Guide: PvP’s Most Valiant Protector

As a Paladin in Crystalline Conflict, you may not be the central character, but you are one of the most essential support jobs. While other tanks focus on DPS, Paladin prioritizes protecting the party, especially the vulnerable DPS and healers. With its incredible defensive capabilities, a well-played Paladin can absorb damage and become a challenging opponent to defeat. So, don’t underestimate its strength and make the enemy think twice before attacking you.

While Paladin’s DPS might not be its strong suit, its stun and gap closer abilities can surprise weakened enemies or outlast opponents. Keep in mind that your primary goal is to assist your team rather than secure high kill counts. The best part? Paladin’s abilities in Crystalline Conflict closely mirror those in regular content, making it easy to pick up and play.

Abilities Breakdown

Fast Blade:

Deals a 3,000 potency attack. Turns into Riot Blade for 4,000 potency, and finally Royal Authority, dealing 5,000 potency. Royal Authority grants three stacks of the Sword Oath buff, changing the action to Atonement. Atonement deals 8,000 potency and also heals you for 4,000.


Deals 8,000 potency to the enemy and all nearby. The target is also afflicted with Sacred Claim. For the next 10 seconds, attacking them restores your HP for 2,000 potency.

Shield Bash:

Returning from our regular tank rotation, dealing 4,000 potency with 3 seconds of stun. Also grants Sword Oath for an instant Atonement.


Gap closer ability that rushes the target and deals 2,000 potency. Has two charges and also grants Sword Oath.


Rush to the side of an ally within 10 yards, forming a 10-second Cover chain. If you stay near them for the duration, you absorb all damage they take.

Holy Sheltron:

Creates a barrier that absorbs 12,000 potency worth of damage for five seconds. Reduces damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds but also grants Heavy for five seconds. When the barrier expires, unabsorbed damage is dealt as an AoE attack to nearby enemies.

Limit Break: Phalanx.

Activates Hallowed Ground, granting you 10 seconds of invincibility. Also grants the Phalanx buff to nearby party members, reducing their damage taken by 33% for 10 seconds. Phalanx changes to Blade of Faith, which deals 6,000 potency to an enemy and all nearby.

Paladin Crystalline Conflict Playstyle Breakdown

In Crystalline Conflict, your role as a Paladin is to lead the frontlines. You excel at pushing and holding the crystal while your non-melee teammates support from a distance. Emphasize continuous healing by utilizing Holy Sheltron and attack strategically to bait enemy openers. Your survival relies on being a persistent attacker, but beware of ranged enemies and always have Intervene ready.

Make the most of your support potential with Guardian. Prioritize protecting high-priority targets, such as Casters, Dragoons, and Healers. By utilizing Guardian and Holy Sheltron, you can save allies from sudden death. Furthermore, maximizing your Limit Break chain by timing Confiteor and stacking Sacred Claim can unleash devastating damage on the enemy team.

Remember that your Limit Break is most effective when your team is nearby, as it significantly bolsters the party’s survivability. Consider coordinating with a Sage or Astrologian for an almost invincible party. Don’t waste your Limit Break when you’re alone, as its true potential lies in supporting others.

Playstyle Tips and Tricks

While Paladin is primarily a support job, you can adapt your approach to be offensive or defensive, depending on the situation. Holy Sheltron, for instance, is a versatile ability that can serve as both offense and defense. When no one is attacking you, it becomes a powerful offensive tool. However, watch out for Heavy and the challenge of positioning when using it offensively.

When facing fleeing enemies, capitalize on the trio of Intervene, Shield Bash, and Confiteor to halt their escape. The stun from Shield Bash can disrupt enemy DPS combos, making it an effective defense technique, especially against Summoner and Black Mage Limit Breaks. Use Intervene wisely, as it provides free DPS when enemies aren’t fleeing but can also be used as a gap closer when needed.

Active use of the focus target feature is highly advantageous as a Paladin. By focusing on the teammate who may draw the most attacks, you can easily switch targets and provide swift support when necessary. This feature ensures better awareness and responsiveness during intense battles.

With these tips and a valiant spirit, you’re ready to master Paladin and become an unyielding force in Crystalline Conflict. Protect your allies, withstand enemy attacks, and lead your team to victory!