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Krafton Secures Global Exclusive License for Dark and Darker Mobile Adaptation

South Korean PUBG publisher Krafton has announced the closure of a licensing agreement with developer Ironmace for a mobile adaptation of the popular IP Dark and Darker. The agreement grants Krafton the exclusive rights to release the mobile version of the game worldwide.

Krafton is considering adding Dark and Darker’s mobile adaptation to Bluehole Studio’s pipeline. Bluehole is one of the independent studios under Krafton’s umbrella. Regardless, Krafton intends to leverage its expertise in the mobile gaming market to make the title accessible to gamers everywhere.

A Successful Original IP

Originally developed in Unreal Engine 4 and released on Steam, Dark and Darker is a multiplayer game set in a medieval fantasy world. The game combines elements of dungeon crawler, survival, and battle royale genres. Following its global success and recognition as a new and original IP, Krafton has taken notice of Dark and Darker’s achievements.

“We greatly value the positive feedback from the global fans of the original IP. Additionally, we hope to continue the success of the original IP and explore new possibilities in the global market,” said Rafael Lim, Senior Head of the Publishing Business Division at Krafton.

However, Dark and Darker has faced controversy. There were claims that Ironmace stole the game’s code, leading to its removal from Steam. The Korean police conducted a raid on Ironmace, seizing materials related to the game. Krafton has chosen to remain a third party in the legal battle.

With a 28% decline in revenue in the second quarter of this year, Krafton aims to reverse this trend with the release of the Dark and Darker mobile adaptation. Additionally, the establishment of ReLU Games, a deep learning-focused AI development studio, may contribute to Krafton’s future success.