Prisoner Rescue battle log location in Armored Core 6

How to Find the Battle Log in the Prisoner Rescue Mission of Armored Core 6

If you’ve made it to the Prisoner Rescue mission in Armored Core 6, congratulations! You’ve completed New Game+ and have entered the challenging realm of New Game++. This guide will help you locate the elusive Battle Log in this mission.

Prisoner Rescue Battle Log Location: Once you reach the checkpoint in Prisoner Rescue, which is located on a Helipad, go right and follow along the cliff face. At the far end, you’ll notice a mech that needs to be destroyed. Taking care of this mech is crucial, as it can cause issues for the next part of your journey.

Screenshot via Burtrolla

From your current location, look across the chasm towards about 250 on your compass. You’ll spot the massive dam wall in Prisoner Rescue. Boost your way over to it and head to the far right side. On top of the dam, you’ll encounter another mech similar to the one you just defeated. This mech will have the small Battle Log symbol next to its name. Take it down, then complete the Prisoner Rescue mission to acquire this Battle Log.

Prisoner Rescue Battle Log Location In Armored Core 6 2

Screenshot via Burtrolla

Approach the mech with caution, as it possesses formidable firepower. It’s recommended to dodge during your approach. If you manage to catch it off guard, you’ll have the opportunity to stagger it before it can unleash its devastating attacks. This makes obtaining the Battle Log much easier in the Prisoner Rescue mission.

For optimal loadout, equip Songbird on your shoulder and wield a battling gun and shotgun in your arms slots. This combination ensures significant damage and staggering potential in Armored Core 6.