Cat Quest III Sets Sail With “Furrst” Gameplay Trailer

Cat Quest III: Pirates of the Purribean Sets Sail with Debut Gameplay Trailer

Prepare for an exciting new adventure in the beloved Cat Quest series. The latest installment, Cat Quest III, formerly known as Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean, has just released its thrilling debut gameplay trailer.

In Cat Quest III, players will embark on a feline-filled journey across the high seas. As the fluffiest sailor in the land, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the enchanting Purribean. The Gentlebros, the developers behind the game, have remained faithful to the hack-and-slash combat mechanics that fans adore. However, this time around, you’ll have the added excitement of sailing ships and engaging in battles with other scallywags by launching cannonballs at them.

While your main objective is to find the elusive North Star, beware of the mischievous pi-rats that roam the Purribean. Keep your adorable pirate companion away from parrots, though, as they can cause trouble.

Get ready to weigh anchor and set sail with Cat Quest III on the Nintendo Switch in 2024. Will you be joining your furry friend on this epic seafaring adventure? Let us know in the comments!