FFXIV – How to Use Fantasia

How to Customize Your Character with Fantasia in FFXIV

Fantasia is a unique drink in FFXIV that allows you to fully customize your character’s appearance. This level of customization is rare in MMOs, but it’s one of the reasons why FFXIV fans are so dedicated. Your character is a reflection of yourself.

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How to Use Fantasia in Final Fantasy XIV

Once you acquire a Fantasia, you can begin the process of re-customizing your character. This gives you the opportunity to change every aspect of your appearance, without affecting anything else in the game.

Open Your Mail

To receive the Fantasia you purchased, check your in-game mail. This may take some time, and you can find mailboxes throughout FFXIV, particularly in major cities where there are Moogle Mail stations labeled as “Delivery Moogle” on your map.

Use It (Optional – Take Off Armor)

Consume the Fantasia from your inventory, which will prompt you to log out. Before doing so, it’s recommended to go to an inn room and unequip all of your armor. This will make logging back in easier and allow you to see your character’s new appearance clearly, without any obstructions.

Keep in mind that there are known glitches related to wearing armor that doesn’t match your character’s race or gender.

Change Your Appearance

After logging back in, you’ll be presented with the option to change your appearance. The character creation screen will resemble the one you encountered when initially making your character.

This is your chance to alter your race, gender, voice, and other details. Some small details, such as tail shape, can only be modified using Fantasias.

Once you’re satisfied with your new appearance, confirm your choices and log back into the game. Everything will remain the same, except that your character will now look different.

When Not to Use a Fantasia

While Fantasia allows you to change most aspects of your character, race and gender can only be altered through other means.

You can freely change your clothes, either directly or by using the glamour system. Unlocking the Aesthetician will enable you to modify your hair and markings, which requires completing the level 15 quest “Beauty is Only Scalp Deep” in Limsa Lominsa.

How to Obtain Fantasia

There are several ways to acquire Fantasia in FFXIV, including a free option, an always-available option, and a limited option.


Visit the MogStation to purchase Fantasia at any time. You can choose to buy them individually or in discounted bundles of 3 or 5. Keep an eye out for sales that occur frequently, allowing you to stock up on Fantasias.

The Ultimate Weapon

The only way to obtain a free Fantasia is by completing the A Realm Reborn quest “The Ultimate Weapon.” This quest is the final one in A Realm Reborn and rewards you with a free Fantasia. Since this is the only way to acquire a free Fantasia, it’s important to use it wisely.

New Expansions

When a new expansion is released and introduces a new race or gender, it’s an ideal time to obtain a Fantasia. Usually, there is an edition available, often the Collector’s edition, that includes a Fantasia. This allows everyone to have a chance to experience the new race or gender without purchasing a Fantasia from the MogStation.

How to Use Retainer Fantasia

In addition to personal character customization, there is also a unique item called Retainer Fantasia that allows you to change the appearance of your retainer.

You can purchase Retainer Fantasia on the marketboard or have a chance to obtain one from a Venture Coffer during a quick exploration.

Now that you know how to use Fantasia in FFXIV, what are you waiting for? Bring your wildest character customization dreams to life!