Crusader Kings 3 has now sold 3m copies, mostly to a bunch of murder lovers apparently

Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings 3 Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary with 3 Million Copies Sold

Paradox Interactive is celebrating the three-year anniversary of its medieval grand strategy game, Crusader Kings 3. Since its launch in 2020, the game has sold over 3 million copies, indicating its popularity among players. To mark this milestone, Paradox has released several interesting statistics about player behavior in the game.

Murder and Wedding Plots: An Inside Look

According to Paradox, players have successfully carried out a staggering 50,159,539 murder schemes in Crusader Kings 3. Surprisingly, this number exceeds the count of wedding celebrations, which currently stands at 34,480,042. Notably, there have been 7,790 instances where players orchestrated both bloody weddings and murder plots, showcasing their preoccupation with conflict resolution – or lack thereof.

Other Intriguing Statistics

In addition to the murder and wedding plots, Paradox shared other noteworthy statistics. Since the game’s release, players have engaged in 1,325,198 grand tournaments and held 1,037,787 grand weddings. The total gameplay hours amount to over 317 million, with nearly 1.4 million players joining this year alone. Crusader Kings 3 continues to attract a wide audience and serves as an entry point to the historical gaming genre for many players.

Crusader Kings 3’s third anniversary trailer.

A Game Beyond History Enthusiasts

Paradox Interactive described Crusader Kings 3 as a game with widespread appeal, extending beyond the stereotypical history fan. It has served as the first grand strategy game from Paradox for many players, introducing them to the vast world of historical gaming. As someone who has spent countless hours trying to understand Victoria 3 after playing Crusader Kings 3, I can attest to its captivating nature and ability to draw players into the historical gaming realm.

New Event Pack Launch and Birthday Celebrations

In conjunction with the third anniversary, Paradox recently released the Wards & Wardens event pack for Crusader Kings 3. Chosen by the community, this DLC focuses on raising young nobles and princes in a world filled with eternal glory and lurking danger. The Wards & Wardens event pack is available for purchase at £4.29.