Minecraft Legends Developer Blackbird Interactive Hit With Layoffs

Blackbird Interactive Announces Layoffs Following Project Cancellations

In the latest blow to the game industry, renowned game developer Blackbird Interactive has made the difficult decision to lay off over 40 employees. This news comes after several unannounced projects were canceled, leaving the studio with no choice but to downsize.

James Marshall, a technical animator at Blackbird Interactive, took to LinkedIn to share the somber news and offer support to those affected. Sadly, this is becoming an all too common occurrence in the game industry, as major developers like BioWare have also faced large-scale layoffs recently.

Following an inquiry from IGN, a spokesperson for Blackbird Interactive shed more light on the situation. The spokesperson clarified that a total of 41 employees were let go due to the cancellation of multiple undisclosed projects over the past year.

However, the statement emphasized that previously announced projects, including the highly-anticipated Homeworld 3, will continue unaffected. The studio is determined to move forward with these titles, ensuring fans that there will be no interruption in their development.

Blackbird Interactive is known for its PC-focused development, gaining recognition for its collaboration with Gearbox Software on Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak in 2016. In recent years, the studio has also expanded its reach to include titles for PlayStation consoles. Minecraft Legends for PlayStation 4 and 5, which Blackbird Interactive co-developed, has been a notable success. Additionally, the studio is known for the acclaimed sandbox space salvage game, Hardspace Shipbreakers.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Blackbird Interactive is dedicated to supporting its former employees during this challenging transition. Extended benefits and severance packages are being offered to help ease the financial burden for those affected.