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Featuring Smadex’s Júlia Planas

One of the expert speakers at PGC Helsinki is Júlia Planas, the COO of Smadex based in Barcelona. With her wealth of experience in optimizing user acquisition and programmatic campaigns, Planas will be sharing her knowledge at the conference.

Insights into Gaming UA in a Post-IDFA World

In her presentation, Planas will discuss the channels that work best for gaming user acquisition (UA) in a post-IDFA world. As user-level targeting becomes less viable on iOS, understanding the power of contextual targeting and identifying the most effective channels and measurement tools becomes crucial.

Advice for Mobile Game Companies

To stay ahead of the game, Planas advises mobile game companies to start testing SKAdNetwork attribution today. Although it presents challenges for UA managers, taking proactive steps now will ensure they are prepared for the future when probabilistic attribution becomes the norm.

The Next Big Opportunities in Mobile Games

An exciting opportunity for the mobile games market lies in performance marketing through Connected TV (CTV). Leveraging CTV as a trackable, full-funnel strategy can lead to incremental growth and a chance to apply mobile UA learnings in a new context.

The Dynamic Mobile Games Market

What sets the mobile games market apart is its constant evolution and rapid pace. Companies in this industry are faced with new challenges every day, which makes it an exciting and ever-changing environment for professionals like Planas.

Connect UA and Ad Monetization

Planas is interested in hearing more about the synergies between UA and ad monetization, as these two areas have the potential to greatly improve a game’s performance. Success stories on combining these strategies would provide valuable insights to the industry.

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