Supercell launches month-long partnership with | Pocket and Supercell Partner for a Month of Events and a New Variant

In September 2023, and Supercell have joined forces to bring gamers a month-long partnership filled with exciting events and a brand new Clash-inspired chess variant. This collaboration aims to showcase the potential of chess for modern gamers and change the perception that it has little to offer.

New Bots and Spell Chess

Starting from September 1, is introducing a series of new bots inspired by the Clash universe. Players can now face off against the Barbarian, Valkyrie, and Goblin in thrilling chess matches. Alongside this, is launching Spell Chess, where players can enhance their chess strategy with two magic spells – Jump and Freeze.

Spell Chess Arena and Clash Clubs

From September 8, will host the first Spell Chess Arena, providing players of all skill levels an opportunity to compete with the new ruleset. Additionally, has introduced two new clubs based on the Clash universe. Players can choose to join either the King’s Clash Royale Club or the Barbarian’s Clash of Clans Club for the entire month.

Chess Clash – The Ultimate Tournament

The highlight of the partnership is Chess Clash, the first official event. This tournament will feature 16 prominent content creators from both the Chess and Clash communities, including Domingo, OrangeJuice, and Xokas. Divided into four duos, these creators will compete in six challenges that integrate elements from both Chess and Clash.

The performance of the clans during the finale will determine the amount of charity contributions made by and Supercell. Additionally, will develop new bots based on the winning clan, which will be available until November. The tournament will be livestreamed on Twitch and YouTube, with commentary from popular streamers Danny Rensch, Clash With Eric, and Ludwig.

Collaborating to Change Perceptions

While Chess has a rich history and has experienced a resurgence in popularity, there is a prevailing perception that it may not appeal to modern gamers. Through this partnership, and Supercell aim to challenge this notion. Supercell, known as one of the world’s leading mobile game makers, is merging its Clash universe with Chess to introduce a new and exciting experience to gamers.

Supercell’s presence on our top 50 mobile game makers list reflects their significant influence in the industry.