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The Lair of the Mantis: How to Solve the Puzzle and Unlock Legendary Rewards in Starfield

The Lair of the Mantis side quest in Starfield is an essential mission to tackle early in the game due to the incredible rewards that await those who can navigate the treacherous traps within. However, deciphering the mantis letter puzzle can be quite challenging and could result in a swift demise if not approached correctly. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to overcome the traps in the Starfield Mantis mission and claim those legendary rewards!

How to Solve the Mantis Letter Puzzle in Starfield

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To navigate the traps during the Starfield Mantis mission, you must spell out the word “Tyrannis” by stepping on one letter in each row. Failure to step on the correct letter will trigger the overhead turrets and result in your demise. It is advisable to instruct your active companion to “wait here a moment” to prevent them from accidentally stepping on the wrong letter and triggering the trap.

If you have completed the optional objective for the Mantis quest – learning more about the lair of the Mantis – you would have discovered an audio log on Leon Volcain’s body. This log reveals that Volcain inherited something from his mother, who mentioned the Latin phrase “Sic semper tyrannis.” Counting the number of rows in the puzzle, you will realize that there are enough to spell the word “Tyrannis.”

Button Starfield

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Upon reaching the end of the puzzle, you will encounter a red button next to the door. Press this button to deactivate the Mantis letter puzzle. At this point, you can return to your companion and instruct them to follow you again. Additionally, Livvy will automatically proceed to the next room alongside you.

Robot Model A Starfield

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However, your journey is not over yet, as a multitude of turrets and robots stand guard in the next area of the Mantis Lair. This can be particularly challenging for melee-focused characters, so it is advisable to switch to a ranged weapon like the Cutter to deal with these threats during this phase of the Mantis quest. Once you have overcome these obstacles, you will find yourself in a vast cavern that may seem oddly familiar. Finally, your resilience will be rewarded for successfully overcoming the traps in the Starfield Mantis mission.

The Razorleaf Starfield

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The first reward awaiting you is the legendary Mantis Spacesuit, a formidable armor for those who venture into this area early in the game. Additionally, you will receive The Razorleaf, a Class-A ship equipped with a Shielded Cargo Hold, providing ample storage space for contraband.

Author’s Note: I crafted this guide while playing Starfield on Xbox Series S.