Is 8BitDo’s N64 Controller Mod Kit A Better Buy Than Nintendo’s Switch Online Pad?

Nintendo’s official wireless Nintendo 64 controller for the Switch has been difficult to find for many gamers. However, 8BitDo, a manufacturer of retro gaming peripherals, offers a cheaper and highly functional alternative: the 8BitDo Mod Kit. This kit allows you to transform an original N64 controller into a wireless Bluetooth controller compatible with the Switch and Android devices.

The Mod Kit is relatively easy to set up and requires no soldering. For those who can’t purchase the official Nintendo controller, this is a cost-effective option, especially if you already own an old or faulty N64 controller. The kit, priced at $29.99 or $39.99 with the Hall Effect joystick included, offers a rechargeable battery, rumble effects, and precise controls.

To restore an old N64 controller, disassemble it using the included magnetic screwdriver and wash the shell, buttons, and membranes. To reverse the yellowing of the shell, expose it to hydrogen peroxide and sunlight. After rinsing and drying the parts, assembly takes only 15 minutes.

Once assembled, the modded controller functions seamlessly with the Switch. It offers similar latency and battery life to the official Nintendo controller. The Hall Effect joystick provides more precise controls and improved comfort during long gaming sessions.

Overall, the 8BitDo Mod Kit is a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to Nintendo’s official N64 controller. With easy setup and impressive performance, it allows gamers to experience classic N64 games on the Switch in an authentic way.