Pokémon Go now has more Pokémon than any main series game

There has been a significant addition to the world of Pokémon Go. The latest in-game event introduces a variety of Pokémon from the Paldea region, featured in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This brings the total number of species in Pokémon Go to a staggering 814, surpassing the number of Pokémon available in any main series game. The previous record was held by Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which featured 809 species.

Watch as we battle Guzzlord – one of the Ultra Beasts in Pokémon Go.Watch on YouTube

Prior to Pokémon Sword and Shield, each main series game included data for every Pokémon species up to that point. However, the decision to exclude some species in the newer games, referred to as “Dexit,” sparked controversy among fans. Subsequent releases, such as Scarlet and Violet, have brought back some older species, but not all of them. According to developers, it has become impossible to include every Pokémon from the entire series in each new release due to the sheer number of available species.

The official Pokédex count currently stands at 1020, including 10 species yet to be released in Scarlet and Violet. These species will soon be made available through upcoming expansions. Additionally, this count does not account for regional variations, forms, Mythical formes, Mega Evolutions, Gigantamax forms, and gender differences, which further expand the list of creatures.

With approximately 200 species still to be added, Pokémon Go offers the closest experience to “catching them all.” For more information on the Paldean species you can now collect, check out our Pokémon Go Paldea species guide.