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What’s New in the Finnish Mobile Gaming Scene?

As we prepare for PGC Helsinki 2023, let’s take a closer look at the latest updates and developments in Finland, the hub of mobile gaming. With major companies like Rovio and Supercell, as well as Nokia’s mobile hardware legacy, Finland has established itself as a center of success in the mobile gaming industry.

Finnish developer Future Run to “redefine competitive gaming”

Future Run, a Finnish developer backed by Supercell, aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by breaking free from stagnation and platform limitations. The company’s experienced team of industry veterans plans to create real-time competitive games that integrate strategic management elements and feature solid core gameplay. Future Run CEO Riku Rakkola expressed the company’s passion for building innovative gaming experiences and engaging with the gaming community.

Red joins Sonic on team Sega

Finnish success story Rovio, known for creating Angry Birds, has joined forces with Sega, one of the leading names in the video gaming industry. Although Rovio is now part of Sega, there are currently no plans to relocate the studio or its employees outside of Finland. This partnership raises questions about Finland’s position as a distinct player in the mobile gaming industry.

Immigration issues

The proposed immigration laws by the Finnish government, which could lead to the deportation of immigrant workers without employment for three months, have received criticism from various industries, including mobile gaming. Many fear that these laws may discourage talented professionals from coming to Finland and create uncertainty for those already residing in the country. Neogames, the industry trade body for gaming in Finland, strongly opposed the government’s plans, emphasizing the potential negative impact on Finland’s reputation.

Floodrush is Finito

Supercell, a Finnish mobile gaming giant, is well-known for discontinuing games shortly after their soft-launch if they don’t demonstrate the potential to become a billion-dollar success. Floodrush is the latest game to be discontinued by Supercell. Despite not meeting Supercell’s criteria, the game found a new home when Merge Mansion creators, Metacore, acquired the rights to the game earlier this year.

Mobile Masterworks

If you’re unfamiliar with the tremendous success of games like Clash of Clans and Angry Birds, check out our Mobile Masterworks series. We delve into the stories behind these games, their development process, and why they have become iconic in the mobile gaming market.

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