All Ship Controls & How to Fly Faster in Starfield

A Guide to Starfield Ship Controls: Mastering the Mechanics for Faster Travel

Exploring the vastness of the universe in Starfield requires a good understanding of the ship controls. From navigating through different systems to discovering uninhabited areas and resources, it’s essential to master the mechanics of your vessel. In this guide, we’ll explain the ship controls in Starfield and provide tips to help you travel faster.

Starfield Ship Controls, Explained

In Starfield, the ship controls function similarly to other space adventure games, but with a few unique mechanics. Unlike some games where you have to hold down the throttle to move forward, in Starfield, the ship automatically moves in the direction based on your speed. Another significant difference is the Power Subsystem, which allows players to redirect power to increase or decrease its effects.

Xbox Starfield Ship Controls

  • Steer ship: Right Stick (RS)
  • Adjust throttle: Left Stick (LS) – Move forward for acceleration or backward to decrease
  • Roll: Left Stick (LS) – Move left or right
  • Boost: Press Left Stick (LS)
  • Free Look: Hold the ‘View’ button
  • Toggle Perspective: Press ‘View’ button
  • Select Power Subsystems: Left or right on the D-pad
  • Increase/Decrease Subsystem Power: Up or down on the D-pad
  • Exit pilot seat: Hold B
  • Undock: Y
  • Take-off to orbit: Hold Y
  • Select target: A
  • Fire Weapon 1: Right Trigger (RT)
  • Fire Weapon 2: Left Trigger (LT)
  • Fire Weapon 3: Y
  • Repair Ship: Right Stick (RS)
  • Scan an environment: Left Bumper (LB)
  • Open Data Menu: Press ‘Menu’ button

PC Starfield Ship Controls

  • Camera controls: Mouse
  • Toggle Perspective: Q
  • Switch Flight Modes: Space Bar
  • Ship Action: R
  • Ship Alternate Control Hold: Left ‘ALT’
  • Boost: Left ‘Shift’
  • Select Power Subsystems: LEFT/RIGHT arrows
  • Increase/Decrease Subsystem Power: UP/Down arrows
  • Select target: E
  • Fire Weapon 1: Left Mouse Button (Button 1)
  • Fire Weapon 2: Right Mouse Button (Button 2)
  • Fire Weapon 3: G
  • Repair Ship: O
  • Scan an environment: F
  • Cancel: ESC

Understanding the Power Subsystem

The Power Subsystem is a crucial component to master in Starfield. It consists of eight sections labeled as LAS, BAL, MSL, ENG, SHD, GRV, PAR, and EM. Each section represents a different aspect of your ship’s capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of what each acronym stands for:

  • LAS: Laser
  • BAL: Ballistic
  • MSL: Missile
  • ENG: Engine
  • SHD: Shield
  • GRV: Gravity Drive
  • PAR: Particle Beam
  • EM: Electromagnetic Damage

Maximizing the power levels of each subsystem unlocks various abilities and boosts performance. For example, increasing the power of the Shield subsystem enhances your ship’s defense during combat. However, balancing power across different subsystems may require sacrificing certain features to prioritize others.

Using Ship Systems to Your Advantage

Each subsystem in Starfield serves a specific purpose. Here’s a brief overview of their functions:

Lasers: Used to eliminate enemy shields and damage ship parts.

Ballistic: Effective for depleting enemy hull meters.

Missile: Powerful weapons with extended range. Lock on to enemies for maximum impact.

Engine: Controls the speed and movement of your ship. Power it on for enhanced mobility.

Shield: Raise your shields to withstand enemy attacks. Repair option increases survivability.

Gravity Drive: Allows for fast-travel between solar systems. Increase jump range for greater exploration.

Particle Beam: Equivalent to lasers but with the ability to damage multiple ships simultaneously.

Electromagnetic Damage: Disables enemy ships with electromagnetic damage, useful for docking and infiltration.

Tips for Faster Travel

Now that you’re familiar with the ship controls and subsystems, here are some tips to increase your ship’s speed:

  • Maximize Engine Subsystem Power
  • Use the Acceleration feature for temporary speed boosts
  • Upgrade your Engine subsystem
  • Rank up the Tech’s Engine Systems skill

Increasing the power of your Engine subsystem is crucial for faster travel. Sacrifice power levels in other subsystems to maximize speed. Upgrading your Engine through Ship Services Technicians is also recommended, and you can customize or upgrade individual ship parts for better performance. Additionally, consider purchasing a new ship that excels in speed. Increasing your Engine Systems skill through the Tech section will further maximize your ship’s speed.

With the ship controls and tips in mind, you’re ready to embark on your journey through the vast universe of Starfield. Explore new systems, discover uninhabited areas, and collect unique resources as you navigate the depths of space.