Former PlayStation president Shawn Layden predicts the end of gaming as we know | Pocket

The concept of Google and Amazon entering the gaming industry has sparked concern among many, as there are fears that their entry could have a detrimental impact on the existing players in the industry. Former PlayStation president Shawn Layden shares these concerns, stating that companies like Google and Amazon pose a significant threat to the gaming industry.

Given the track record of Apple disrupting the music business and Netflix changing the way people consume movies, it is understandable why there is apprehension about another major corporation entering the gaming space and potentially reinventing the industry once again. This trend seems to be inevitable at this point.

Despite these concerns, Layden remains optimistic. He believes that gaming companies need to be proactive in anticipating and preparing for upcoming changes in order to adapt to them. If the industry can disrupt itself before being disrupted by external forces, it may be able to withstand the storm.

Preparing for Change

Layden emphasizes the importance of gaming companies being “smart enough” to foresee changes and take appropriate measures in response. This proactive approach could potentially help the industry navigate the challenges posed by newcomers, who Layden refers to as the “barbarians at the gate.” By preparing in advance, gaming companies can position themselves to weather the storm.

In contrast, while the mobile industry may seem more secure under the monopolies of the App Store and Play Store, there are still concerns about the restrictions and fees imposed by these platforms. The ongoing anti-competitive lawsuits against Apple also raise questions about the future and potential changes in the mobile gaming landscape.

Furthermore, the entry of Google, Apple, or Amazon into gaming with their vast resources and established user bases could create a significant impact. These companies have the power and infrastructure to potentially reshape the industry, given their extensive reach and existing payment methods through their platforms.

Layden acknowledges the interest of these big players in the gaming industry, stating that they see it as a lucrative market and want a piece of the action. However, he also highlights the challenges of game development and emphasizes that creating successful games is not as easy as it may seem.

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