Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile already has 17 million pre-orders | Pocket

Rainbow Six Mobile Pre-Orders Surpass 17 Million

Rainbow Six Mobile, the highly anticipated smartphone spin-off of Ubisoft’s popular shooter franchise based on the works of techno-thriller writer Tom Clancy, has already attracted more than 17 million pre-orders. Despite only being available for a soft launch in Canada at the end of August and reaching Mexico on September 4, the game is already generating significant buzz.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, in a recent LinkedIn post, referred to Rainbow Six Mobile as a “AAA mobile game” and shared the impressive pre-order numbers. He also announced that the game will soon enter further soft-launch phases.

The Rainbow Six franchise has been a cornerstone of Ubisoft’s catalog, particularly due to the ongoing popularity of the latest entry, Rainbow Six Siege, on consoles and PC. While Rainbow Six games have evolved from their more realistic military-sim roots, they have gained a substantial following, especially in the world of esports.

This mobile success comes at a time when Ubisoft is facing challenges in other areas, including a failed acquisition attempt and organizational complexities. However, the company recently obtained cloud gaming rights from Microsoft, further enhancing its position in the industry.

Ubisoft’s Move Towards Mobile Gaming

As the lucrative nature of the mobile market becomes increasingly evident to traditional PC and console companies, Ubisoft has lagged behind. However, the remarkable number of pre-orders for Rainbow Six Mobile may signal a change in strategy and increased focus on the mobile gaming space.