Destiny 2 – How to Get Round Robin

What is Round Robin?

Introduced in the Lightfall Expansion, Round Robin is a Kinetic Hand Cannon. It has an Aggressive Frame, making it perfect for ranged add clear or team-shooting in PVP. According to, it is currently the second most popular 120 RPM Hand Cannon. What sets it apart is its ability to deal Strand damage, allowing for synergy with Strand abilities and Exotics by creating Tangles on enemy kills. It also comes with the Origin Perk Nanotech Tracer Rockets, compensating for its low fire rate.

How to Get Round Robin in Destiny 2

To obtain Round Robin, you need to purchase the Lightfall Expansion. After completing the Lightfall campaign, visit Nimbus on Neomuna and pick up the quest “From Zero…” This quest entails searching for Regional Chests, completing Patrols and Public Events, and defeating a powerful Cabal. Once you finish the quest, you will unlock the “…To Hero” quest, which rewards you with a Round Robin. This quest follows similar steps as the previous one, requiring you to defeat the powerful Cabal once again. Return to Nimbus to complete the quest and obtain your Round Robin. The reward for this quest is a red-border weapon, bringing you closer to unlocking it for crafting.

Random Rolls

To acquire different rolls of Round Robin, you must rely on chance by completing activities in Neomuna. Reaching Reputation Rank 30 with Nimbus increases your chances of obtaining a Round Robin from Engrams, which will drop as weapons instead of armor. Completing activities such as Patrols, Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Terminal Overload in Neomuna will not only increase your Reputation Rank but also unlock Engrams. Additionally, you’ll receive Strand Meditations along the way.

Red-border Round Robin

A special aspect of farming Round Robin is its potential to drop with Deepsight Resonance, enabling you to craft it. Each Neomuna activity provides a chance at receiving red-border rewards. If you find yourself with undesirable Round Robin rolls, you can use your Deepsight Harmonizers to convert them into Weapon Pattern Progress. For more information on weapon crafting, refer to our “How to Craft Weapons” guide.

God-Roll Round Robin

If you’re looking for the best possible Round Robin, pay attention to the following rolls. In PVE, Keep Away is an excellent Trait that enhances reload speed, range, and accuracy when no enemies are nearby. For the second Trait, consider Kill Clip for increased damage, Hatchling for Threadling synergy, or Golden Tricorn for both damage and Strand synergy. In PVP, prioritize range for team shooting. Keep Away is still recommended, with Killing Wind as an alternative. For the second Trait, Opening Shot provides significant benefits with the first bullet. Elemental Capacitor is also useful when using the Strand or Arc subclasses for added Airbourne Effectiveness or Handling.

Obtaining the Round Robin Hand Cannon may require some effort, but it becomes even more special once you have it in your collection. If you’re still on the hunt for your perfect god-roll Round Robin, let us know in the comments which Perks and Traits you’re after!