FFXIV – How to Get Master Recipes

How to Obtain Master Recipes in FFXIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, Master Recipes are essential tomes used by crafters to create unique recipes. Each crafter has a collection of nearly a dozen Master Recipe books. These tomes differ from Special Recipes and are primarily acquired through White Crafter’s Scrips.

How to Acquire Master Recipes in FFXIV

To obtain Master Recipes in FFXIV, you must first complete the quest “Just Tooling Around” in Mor Dhona. This quest requires you to have a level 50 crafter with the appropriate tool set. Once you have completed this quest, you can purchase the first two books of Master Recipes. The remaining books can be obtained using White Crafter’s Scrips.

Just Tooling Around

To unlock most Master Recipes, you need to complete the level 50 quest “Just Tooling Around.” This quest is located in Mor Dhona and does not have any prerequisites. All you need is a crafter or gatherer tool at least level 50. By completing this quest, you will gain access to Master Recipes: Crafting and the merchant Talan.

Talan – Books I and II

The first two books of Master Recipes are immediately available once you turn in the HQ items requested by Talan. This will unlock two books for each of the eight crafters. Each book contains basic yet unique recipes. For example, Master Carpenter I is the only way to obtain Cassia Lumber, making it a valuable resource.

Collectable System – Books III and Above

To obtain Master Recipes beyond the second book, you will need White Crafters’ Scrips. Collecting these scrips can be a lengthy process, but it is worth the effort for dedicated crafters. Unlike the first two books, Talan does not have the higher-tier books. You will need to visit one of Rowena’s Representatives, a unique NPC, or the Scrip Exchange to purchase them.

Some of the most sought-after glamour items in the game can be obtained from high-level crafter books. However, the Collectable system and White Crafters’ Scrips can be quite complex. To get started, you must complete the Collectables questline called “Inscrutable Tastes” in the Foundation. As you progress, new quests will unlock based on your level and progress in the Collectable system. The core of the system involves crafting specific items exclusively for Collectables and exchanging them for White Crafters’ Scrips. These scrips are the currency used to purchase the higher-tier Master Recipe books.

Other Master Recipes

Master Recipe books are not limited to crafting recipes. There are also Master Recipe books for Glamour and Demateria.

Master Recipes: Glamorous

The Glamour tomes do not unlock recipes for individual glamour items but rather recipes for Glamour Prisms. To unlock these tomes, you must complete one of two questlines: “A Self-improving Man” or “If I Had a Glamour.” Both questlines have subsequent quests that unlock the Glamour Prism recipes. One questline is located in Mor Dhona, while the other is in Western Thanalan.

Master Recipes: Demateria

The Demateria recipes should not be overlooked. Each book unlocks unique item sets that have value on the market board. For example, the Coeurl beach set for Leatherworker or the Bridesmaid set for Weaver can be acquired using Demateria from Talan.

Now you have a better understanding of how to obtain Master Recipes in FFXIV. Master Recipes play a crucial role in the lucrative crafting business in the game, enhancing its profitability. If you consider yourself a Master Crafter, feel free to share your progress in the comments section!