How to answer the job survey question about Whiskey Neat in Starfield

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In the world of Starfield, you never know what kind of odd jobs you’ll end up doing. Some opportunities present themselves naturally, while others require a bit of effort, such as filling out an official application. If you’re wondering how to answer the job survey question about ‘whiskey, neat’ in Starfield, we’ve got you covered with this guide.

Answering the Job Survey Question in Starfield

During your time in the city of Cydonia on Mars, you’ll cross paths with a character named Trevor. Trevor will enlist your assistance in the Red Tape Blues mission. However, before you can proceed, Trevor will ask you to complete a survey with several questions. When it comes to the ‘whiskey, neat’ question, feel free to answer however you prefer.

Starfield Red Tape Blues Trevor In Cydonia

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Meeting Trevor in Cydonia

Before you can locate the survey, you must first meet with and assist Trevor. Look for Trevor in the lower yard of Cydonia. From the city entrance, continue forward until you reach the edge of a ledge overlooking a large lower area. Descend the stairs on either side of the platform. Trevor can be found near their base, holding a clipboard. Engage in conversation with him and agree to help mine some Iron nearby. You can use your scanner to locate it among the rocks, and the game even provides blue beacons to guide you. Use your Cutter to extract the required 10 pieces and deposit them in the bin near Trevor.

Once you’ve completed the simple task, Trevor will send you to the Deimos Staryard. Select the location from your mission list and fast-travel to space, near the station. Approach your destination and dock when you are close enough. Inside the station, move forward and to the left to find the Deimos Sales Terminal. Here, you can respond to the Job Posting: Executive Assistant item.

Starfield Red Tape Blues Whiskey Neat Question On Job Survey

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Applying for a Job at Deimos

The survey consists of various questions. On the job survey, Question 3 asks:

The Executive requests a ‘whiskey, neat.’ What does that mean?

You have multiple answer choices available. We recommend selecting the option that considers it a trick question. However, keep in mind that your answer does not actually impact the mission’s progression.

The truth is, none of your answers on the job survey truly matter. The next step in the mission involves meeting with Trevor again, who will assist you in gaining access to a computer to delete all other applicants’ files except your own. Carry out the task, then speak to Trevor to receive your rewards: 5500 credits and 100 XP. You will also unlock the Red Tape Runaround mission.

Starfield is available for purchase on Steam and the Microsoft Store.