Dying Light 2 Microtransaction Outrage Sparks Response from Techland

Criticism of Dying Light 2’s DL Points

The recent update for Dying Light 2 introduced DL Points, a new in-game currency designed to replace the traditional method of purchasing premium gear bundles. However, the player community has expressed significant dissatisfaction with this change. As a result, developer Techland has responded to the negative feedback.

Techland addressed the issue through an extensive message across its social channels, acknowledging the feedback from players and highlighting the concern of leftover points. The previous purchasing system was straightforward, as players could buy gear bundles for a fixed price using their region’s currency on their chosen digital marketplace.

However, the introduction of DL Points complicated transactions. Gear bundles were no longer priced exactly according to the DL Point bundles. For instance, players wanting to purchase the Firedevil Bundle from the store for 750 DL Points would need to spend $9.99 to acquire 1,100 DL Points. Despite offering discounts for larger DL Point bundles, this system often resulted in leftover points and potential overspending to obtain the desired bundle.

In response to the community’s suggestions, Techland has pledged to work on implementing solutions. One proposal is allowing users to buy individual components of existing bundles. While leftover points may still occur, players will have the flexibility to select smaller items and use up their remaining balance.

The studio has not specified a release timeframe for these changes, stating that it will take time for the developers to rework the system. Additionally, Franchise Director Tymon Smektała plans to host an AMA session in the future, addressing the situation.

Following the update, Techland released an FAQ about DL Points, emphasizing that this was only the initial iteration of the system. The studio intends to carefully analyze feedback and make necessary adjustments to enhance the DL Points model and its pricing for the best possible user experience.