How to get and use Marks

Mastering Marks in Halls of Torment

Unlocking Marks

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Discover the latest update from Halls of Torment with the most challenging content added so far. Navigate through the Frozen Depths map and challenge yourself in the difficulty-scaling Agony Mode. But it’s not all tough battles ahead – Halls of Torment also introduces the powerful Norseman and Beast Huntress characters as well as the game-changing Marks system. If you’re new to Marks and want to learn how to obtain and utilize them effectively, keep reading this comprehensive guide.

Acquiring Marks

Halls Of Torment How To Get And Use Marks Agony Mode

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To put it simply, Marks are unique items that can be equipped to your characters in Halls of Torment. These Marks can be found in a new slot added to the top-right of your equipment screen. Unlike regular items, Marks aren’t obtained during gameplay, but instead, they are unlocked by completing specific achievements.

There are nine Marks in total, one for each character in the game. To unlock a Mark, you must reach Agony three with the specific character on a designated map. Refer to the table below for details on which map is required for each character. Note that the previous achievements of reaching level 100 with a character have been replaced by these Agony three achievements. If you previously unlocked any of the replaced achievements, you’ll automatically receive the Agony three achievement and corresponding Mark for that character.

Utilizing Marks

Halls Of Torment How To Get And Use Marks Mark List

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Once you have unlocked Marks, you can incorporate them into your runs. Each Mark provides two benefits: a passive buff and access to a new set of Traits. For example, the Mark of the Sword, associated with the Swordsman, grants a +0.30/s health regeneration and allows you to select Swordsman character Traits. The availability of character Traits might seem complicated, so it’s important to understand that Marks expand the options for Weapon Proficiency, Proficient Stance, and Dedication Traits, allowing you to choose two additional options.

With the introduction of Marks, building your characters with specific Traits becomes more versatile. Combine the dual-hits of the Norseman with the attack speed of the Archer, or pair the summoning power of the Warlock with the Beast Huntress and her loyal hound. To plan your Trait combinations effectively, consider referring to the Halls of Torment Wiki page for a comprehensive list.

Halls Of Torment How To Get And Use Marks Mark Equipped

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While the additional Traits offer a significant advantage, don’t overlook the passive bonuses provided by Marks. These bonuses can be quite substantial, such as the Norseman’s 20% boost to all damage, and can help greatly during challenging runs. It’s even possible to equip a character with their own Mark to maximize their strengths. This strategy is particularly effective for the Warlock, as their Mark significantly enhances Summon damage. As a result, it’s recommended to equip a Mark as soon as you unlock at least one.

If you want to plan your runs and future strategies efficiently, it’s essential to understand the specifics of each Mark. Take a look at the complete list of Marks and their effects:

Mark NameCharacterMapEffect
Mark of the SwordSwordsmanHaunted CavernsAllows you to pick Swordsman character Traits. +0.30/s regeneration.
Mark of the ArrowArcherHaunted CavernsAllows you to pick Archer character Traits. +0.10 Base Crit Chance.
Mark of IncinerationExterminatorEmber GroundsAllows you to pick Exterminator character Traits. Main weapons get a 15% chance to burn enemies.
Mark of the ShieldShield MaidenForgotten ViaductAllows you to pick Shield Maiden character Traits. +10 Base Defense.
Mark of SanctityClericHaunted CavernsAllows you to pick Cleric character Traits. +20% Effect on hit Chance.
Mark of RitualsWarlockEmber GroundsAllows you to pick Warlock character Traits. +30% Summon Damage.
Mark of SorcerySorceressForgotten ViaductAllows you to pick Sorceress character Traits. Main Weapons get a 15% chance to electrify enemies.
Mark of the NorthNorsemanFrozen DepthsAllows you to pick Norseman character Traits. +20% damage.