The Nun II Review – IGN

The Conjuringverse Continues to Thrill with The Nun II

The Conjuringverse has successfully kept audiences engaged with its distinct approach to spinoffs and sequels. The latest installment, The Nun II, proves to be a delightful addition to the franchise. Building upon the elements that worked in the prequel, The Nun, this sequel improves upon its predecessor while introducing new creative horrors. As the Conjuringverse enters its 10th year, it’s clear that there are still plenty of frights to be had.

Returning Protagonists and a Familiar Demon

In The Nun II, Sister Irene and Frenchie make a comeback to face off against the demon nun Valak once again. The decision to bring back these beloved characters pays off, as their chemistry and growth from the previous film shine through. While it’s disappointing that they’re separated for most of the movie, their individual journeys prove to be engaging and entertaining. Sister Irene, portrayed by Taissa Farmiga, delivers a commanding performance that adds depth to her character. The exploration of her traumatic past and its connection to the new additions to the Conjuring mythology adds an intriguing layer to the story.

More Intense Scares in a New Setting

Unlike its predecessor, The Nun II takes place in a French village and a boarding school, allowing for a wider range of characters to be plagued by Valak. Director Michael Chaves and the writing team set up forbidden locations and cursed games in the first act, building suspense and anticipation. The introduction of new and unexpected scares keeps the audience on their toes throughout the film. Chaves’ steady hand in directing, combined with the visual sensibilities and humanist interests, create a thrilling and terrifying experience.

Continued Evolution of the Conjuringverse

The success of The Nun II demonstrates the longevity of the Conjuringverse. With each installment, the franchise has improved upon its previous entries, keeping fans engaged and craving more. As the series celebrates its 10th year, it’s clear that there are still plenty of stories to be told and frights to be experienced.