Where to find Copper Ore

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When Cleo assigns you the task of exploring a dungeon in Fae Farm, one of the requirements is to find 25 Copper Ore. Despite the game’s visuals at times, locating Copper Ore is actually easier than it seems. Here’s where you can find Copper Ore in Fae Farm.

Discovering Copper Ore in the Saltwater Mines of Fae Farm

Copper Ore cannot be found on the regular map. Instead, you’ll need to travel all the way to the southeastern edge of the map, near the shoreline at the Saltwater Mines. If necessary, mark it on your map for easier navigation.

Saltwater Mines Map

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Before embarking on the journey, make sure you have enough food to replenish your energy. You will need it.

Saltwater Mines

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You’ll come across a small alcove with locked wooden doors. Despite its appearance, it is accessible. Simply approach the doors, and they will unlock automatically, granting you entry.

Now, you are inside the Saltwater Mines. Here, you will use your pickaxe to break rocks and find the switch that opens the next door. Keep in mind that the bronze-colored rocks may seem promising, but they will only yield clay. You must reach the third floor for copper to appear.

Copper Ore Fae Farm

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You’ll easily recognize the right rock outcrop when you see it. It closely resembles the traditional appearance of copper ore. It may take a few floors to collect the required 25, so continue progressing through the floors until you are satisfied.

Exiting the room at any floor will bring you back to the entrance of the mines. No need to worry about extensive backtracking. Feel free to leave quickly and start smelting your copper ore for various crafts and upgrades.