What Do You Want From A ‘Splatoon 4’?

Exploring Ideas for Splatoon 4

When Splatoon 3 was released, I was fully immersed in the game and didn’t mind the similarities to its predecessors. Nintendo has a winning formula, so it’s best to stick with what works. However, one aspect of Splatoon 3 that stood out to me was the single-player story mode. It offered more challenges, new weapons, and collectables, which added to the overall experience. The upcoming ‘Side Order’ DLC promises to bring even more content to enjoy. This is something that Splatoon 4 can build upon to create an expanded single-player campaign that keeps players engaged for longer.

While the Turf War battles and Splatfests should still be a part of the game, it’s important to introduce something new to keep it fresh. Online play has reached its peak, so the focus should now be on storytelling. The fourth installment of Splatoon should take risks and push the boundaries of the core formula. Just like other successful Nintendo franchises, such as Super Mario World and Mario Kart: Double Dash, the fourth game should demonstrate significant improvements and evolution.

Unleashing Creativity and Adding New Elements

Splatoon 4 has the potential to let players be even more creative. A stage or level editor would be a welcome addition, allowing players to create their own stages to share with friends or play online. The ability to create custom music could also be introduced, with players becoming the “idol group” in the game. Additionally, a new playable race, such as a shark-based or salmonid character, would add diversity to the game’s roster.

Exploring New Depths

One exciting idea for Splatoon 4 is to introduce underwater gameplay. It always felt strange that the squid and octopus characters couldn’t survive underwater. This would require changes to the gameplay mechanics, but it could offer a new team-based shooting mode with different weapons and stealthy tactics. Another possibility is a new race of Crustacean Atlanteans that battle on land and then take players underwater for a unique experience.

As someone who has enjoyed the previous games in the series, Splatoon 4 needs to offer something truly innovative to capture my attention and justify a new installment. Taking big risks and introducing new elements, such as vehicles, would be a welcome addition. Ultimately, the future of the franchise depends on the creative direction it takes.

What Do You Want to See in Splatoon 4?

  • More single-player story
  • Stage creator mode
  • New playable race
  • Diving into a new location
  • Vehicles
  • Anything, as long as it’s a big swing
  • Eh, do we really need a fourth one?
  • I’ve never played a Splatoon game, how should I know?
  • Other (comment below)