Box Art Brawl – Duel: New Super Mario Bros.

Europe / Japan

Image: Nintendo

When it comes to the box art for New Super Mario Bros. in Europe and Japan, the designers played it safe. The iconic jumping pose of Mario and Luigi takes center stage, with the bros. prominently displayed. The abundance of enemies surrounding them adds to the sense of excitement and adventure. Notably, the Koopa’s pose hints at their famous dance move that would become a staple in future games. Overall, this cover conveys the classic and timeless appeal of the Mario franchise.

North America

New Super Mario Bros. - NA
Image: Nintendo

In North America, the cover for New Super Mario Bros. follows a similar design, but with an exciting twist. The most noticeable difference is the enlarged size of Mario, courtesy of the Mega Mushroom. This power-up, previously seen in Mario Party 4, makes its 2D debut in this game. The cover sends a clear message: this is not your typical Mario adventure. Although the gameplay itself didn’t radically change, this cover represents the freshness and innovation of the “New” franchise.

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