Where to find Polymer in Starfield

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Where to Find Polymer in Starfield

You’ll spend a lot of time scavenging in Starfield. The universe is full of mystery and wonder, but you also have very basic needs. It’s important to find good equipment, and to craft it, which means finding a lot of ingredients along the way. Some of them, you’ll need to find quite regularly, including Polymer. Here is our guide explaining where to find Polymer in Starfield.

You will use Polymer in your crafting on numerous occasions. You need some of it to research different technologies at your local Research Lab, for starters. Luckily, it’s fairly common if you know where to look. To find Polymer, visit merchants at the main cities, or buy it at Civilian Outposts, or scavenge it.

Starfield Polymer At Research Lab Helmet Mods 1

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Polymer is necessary when researching Helmet Mods 1 and Helmet Mods 3, as well as Pack Mods 2. You also need it for some of the Weaponry technology you research. It even proves necessary for Grip and Stock Mods 2, Grip and Stock Mods 3, and Muzzle Mods 2. Then, once you start building that gear, it comes in handy again.

Numerous merchants carry Polymer. When I find myself needing a new resource, I like to start a tour of the various merchants in New Atlantis. The most likely stop is UC Distribution, which seems to offer a good supply of most materials, though there are a few shops in that area. Shops in Akila City and Neon Core also treat me well. Finally, Civilian Outposts you can locate on most planets carry a lot of the same resources. I always head straight to the largest building and look for the vendor behind a bar. This individual can provide various services, and may even be able to repair your ship.

You’ll find Polymer in various locations as you scavenge. Make sure to ‘Track’ any research projects you are working to research, or specific gear you plan to build. That way, a magnifying glass icon appears when you find a necessary component in the wild, or in a merchant’s list of wares. I tend to find Polymer most often in chests. I’ve even found it when boarding enemy ships (see the screenshot at the top of this article). I’m not sure tracking materials makes them show up more often, but sometimes it seems that way.

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