EA confirms The Sims 5 will be free-to-play and co-exist alongside The Sims 4

EA has recently announced that The Sims 5, currently codenamed Project Rene, will be a free-to-play game. This confirms previous leaks about the game’s monetization model. EA is emphasizing that no core game purchase or subscription will be required to play, and there will be no “energy mechanics” commonly seen in mobile games.

Project Rene is expected to feature an in-game marketplace with both official and user-generated content, both free and paid. The game will not start with all the features of The Sims 4 but will add new experiences and content over time. For example, there may be paid content packs centered around different themes like Winter Sports, which could include activities like ice dancing and snowman building. EA aims to lower barriers to play and provide a broad foundation for future growth.

Despite the release of The Sims 5, EA plans to continue supporting The Sims 4 and its various mobile titles with new content. In fact, The Sims 4 will soon receive new Poolside Fashion and Luxurious Living Kit Packs, as well as a new Stuff Pack called Home Chef Hustle. Details about Home Chef Hustle, which introduces new cooking options, money-making opportunities, and items, will be revealed later in the week.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims franchise!