How To Equip and Throw Grenades

How to Use Grenades in Starfield

When navigating the uncharted terrain of Starfield, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across hostile encounters with pirates, bandits, and other threatening adversaries. In these situations, having grenades at your disposal can give you a significant tactical advantage, helping you gain the upper hand in fights and efficiently take down groups of enemies. This guide will walk you through the process of equipping and throwing grenades on both PC and Xbox in Starfield.

To unlock the full potential of grenades in Starfield, it is crucial to equip them. This will give you the ability to deal devastating damage to enemies and gain a strategic advantage in combat.

Equipping grenades in Starfield is a straightforward process. Begin by accessing your inventory, where you will find the “Throwables” tab. As you select a grenade type, you will notice a small white mark in the upper left corner of its icon. This mark indicates that the grenade is now selected and ready for use.

  • On PC, press the “G” key to throw a grenade. It’s important to note that the aiming is not precise, as the grenade will be thrown in the direction you are facing rather than allowing you to aim directly.
  • On Xbox, press the “RB” button to throw a grenade. Similar to the PC controls, remember that aiming is limited.

How to Get Grenades

If you’re looking to acquire grenades in Starfield, there are a few methods available. One option is to purchase them from specialized gun shops. Check out establishments such as the Centaurian Arsenal, Best Defense, and Laredo Firearms for a wide selection of grenades.

An alternative method is to search for grenades in containers. While this method may not be entirely reliable, it offers the opportunity to obtain grenades without spending any credits. Additionally, consider attempting pickpocketing on enemies who exhibit suspicious behavior or are vulnerable to stealth approaches to acquire grenades.

That’s all there is to know about throwing grenades in Starfield. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to explore our other guides to discover what happens when you get caught with Contraband, how to take off your Spacesuit, and more Starfield insights.