Ubisoft’s XDefiant Could Launch In September Or October

Ubisoft’s XDefiant Nears Release as Executive Producer Shares Insights on Game’s Submission Process

In a recent blog post, Mark Rubin, executive producer of Ubisoft’s highly anticipated game XDefiant, shed light on the intricate process involved in releasing a game. While an official release date for XDefiant has not been announced, it appears that the game is drawing closer to launch.

The Submission Process

Rubin’s blog post delves into the submission process that is necessary to get a game accepted onto platforms like PlayStation and Xbox. He warns readers that the level of detail he provides may be overwhelming, stating, “sometimes full transparency is like drinking from a firehose so hope you all are thirsty!”

“XDefiant was submitted through this process in the end of July,” he reveals. However, the initial submission did not receive compliance approval, leading Ubisoft to make the necessary tweaks and resubmit the game.

Possible Release Windows

If XDefiant successfully passes compliance with Xbox and Sony, the game could potentially release sometime between mid to late September. However, there is also the possibility of a conditional pass, which would mean the game can only release with a day one patch to address any remaining issues. In this case, the release would be pushed back to early or mid October.

Unique Approach to Release Date

Rubin acknowledges that most games typically allow a significant buffer period to account for the submission process. However, with XDefiant, Ubisoft has taken a different approach. Rubin states, “Like a lot of things with this game, we have not chosen the typical route.” Instead of providing a fixed release date, Rubin simply states, “as soon as we can.”

Ubisoft promises to keep fans updated with more information as it becomes available.

About XDefiant

XDefiant is an upcoming free-to-play shooter by Ubisoft that includes factions from various existing game franchises. The game has been likened to the popular Call of Duty franchise, as executive producer Mark Rubin is known for his work on the CoD series. XDefiant will be available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.


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